The Eagles Are Once Again Being Linked To A Deshaun Watson Trade

Another report stating the Philadelphia Eagles have interest in acquiring Texans star QB Deshaun Watson. Mike Fisher reported this morning that a trade can happen anytime after the draft. The obvious roadblock in preventing a trade is Watson’s legal issues. Watson is currently facing 21 allegations of sexual assault. One case has been dismissed but we are a long ways away from this issue being resolved. Innocent or not this process will be very exhausting. It will be long and won’t be solved anytime soon.

The Eagles continue to monitor the situation which shows the teams interest and willingness to acquire Watson. Jeff McLane dropped a report 2 or 3 weeks ago stating Eagles GM Howie Roseman ‘is willing to give up everything he has’ for the star QB.

While there’s obvious interest on Philly’s end, we’ve yet to here about the Texans being willing to trade the 25 year old QB. Watson has given in a formal trade request but the Texans front office isn’t budging. Before all these allegations came in, the Texans showed they had no interest in trading Watson…but we don’t know if these allegations change the teams mind. Stay tuned for more on the Watson situation and what the Eagles are willing to do.


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