Phillies Prospect Rankings – August 27th, 2022

When I started my @Phillies.GM account on Instagram over three years ago (Spring of 2019), one of the goals I had was to further educate myself, and educate others, about the Phillies minor league system and prospects that make up their minor league affiliates. Unfortunately, in the year 2020, all of Minor League Baseball was lost due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many of these prospects lost a year of development without playing affiliated baseball. However, after looking at the impact some of our homegrown talent has had on the 2022 Phillies, it appears our farm system is finally starting to turn a corner. It almost seems as if the year off of organized baseball may have helped some of our young guys. Position players such as Darick Hall, Nick Maton, and Matt Vierling have all played a crucial role.

Turning the page to the rest of 2022, 2023, and beyond, it appears the Phillies farm system is now speared by a pair of high school first round pitchers that could be closer to the big leagues than we think…

Led by righthanders Mick Abel & Andrew Painter, I have updated my Phillies.GM Prospect Rankings, and what a time for it! It has been over three years, (August 6th, 2019), since the last time I updated the list, and a lot has changed over a three-year period. If you do not believe me, consider the following… Four of the five prospects I gave a profile to have already debuted in the big leagues. I look forward to giving more prospect profiles in the near future. Without further ado, here is my updated Phillies.GM Prospect Rankings! Enjoy!

Phillies.GM Prospect Rankings
August 27th, 2022
(#) = ranking

  1. Mick Abel RHP (2)
  2. Andrew Painter RHP (1)
  3. Justin Crawford OF (3)
  4. Johan Rojas OF (5)
  5. Eric Miller LHP (7)
  6. Griff McGarry RHP (4)
  7. Hao Yu Lee 2B (6)
  8. Francisco Morales RHP (11)
  9. Hans Crouse RHP (17)
  10. Ethan Wilson OF (8)
  11. Simon Muzziotti OF (12)
  12. Gabriel Rincones Jr. OF (9)
  13. Alex McFarlane RHP (10)
  14. Luis Garcia SS (14)
  15. Rickardo Perez C (15)
  16. Jhailyn Ortiz OF (18)
  17. William Bergolla SS (16)
  18. Casey Martin SS (27)
  19. Jordan Viars OF (13)
  20. Donny Sands C (22)
  21. McKinley Moore RHP (25)
  22. Yhoswar Garcia OF (19)
  23. Ethan Lindow LHP (U/R)
  24. Jean Cabrera RHP (24)
  25. Michael Plassmmeyer LHP (U/R)
  26. Emaarion Boyd OF (20)
  27. Andrew Baker RHP (U/R)
  28. James McArthur RHP (U/R)
  29. Christian McGowan RHP (21)
  30. Blake Brown RHP (U/R)
  31. Jaydenn Estanista RHP (29)
  32. Baron Radcliff OF (U/R)
  33. Orion Kerkering RHP (26)
  34. Micah Ottenbreit RHP (23)
  35. Rafael Marcano LHP (U/R)
  36. Alexis Azuaje 2B (28)
  37. Jamari Baylor SS (U/R)
  38. Kendall Simmons SS (U/R)
  39. Enrique Segura RHP (30)
  40. Gunner Mayer RHP (U/R)
  41. Andrew Schultz RHP (U/R)
  42. Marcus Lee Sang OF (U/R)
  43. McCarthy Tatum INF (U/R)
  44. Starlyn Castillo RHP (U/R)
  45. Eduar Segovia RHP (U/R)
  46. Dominic Pipkin RHP (U/R)
  47. Jack Conley C (U/R)
  48. Yemal Florez OF (U/R)
  49. David Parkinson LHP (U/R)
  50. Colton Eastman RHP (U/R) goes to 30, but I go to 50


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