What is the future for Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz?

Since beating the Cowboys on November 1st, the Eagles have lost three straight games. They lost to the New York Giants 17-27, they lost to the Cleveland Browns 17-22, and most recently they fell to the Seattle Seahawks 17-23. This game looks closer than it actually was. In reality, the Eagles scored a garbage-time touchdown, and completed a two-point conversion.

This season has taken a complete nose dive for the Philadelphia Eagles. The team has been filled with injuries, have had terrible coaching, and always finds a way to ruin your Sunday. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie didn’t attend the Eagles vs Browns game in Cleveland, reportedly out of frustration with his team.

It seems now that there will be no huge comeback at the end of the season to clinch the NFC East, especially with the Eagle’s next three games: at the Packers, home vs Saints, and at the Cardinals. These are all going to be very tough games, and I don’t think they will win any of these games.

I do not have any faith in Doug calling plays for this football team anymore, and he is constantly making poor decisions. I think we also need to blame GM Howie Roseman for the way things are. He has consistently, year after year, made poor drafting decisions. Most talked about is passing on DK Metcalf and drafting JJ Arcega-Whiteside instead.

I think after this season it is time to part ways with Howie and Doug. Doug has time and time again made terrible coaching decisions and it is clear he is incapable of calling plays. He needs to give up play-calling all together. It feels like forever ago when Doug said winning was the “new norm” around here.

For Carson Wentz, he has had a bad season. He has thrown the most interceptions in the NFL this season. He has missed lots of throws and has made many poor decisions with the football. He has not played well and does not deserve a pass, but I think we need to blame Howie and Doug more for the fall of the team. Carson has been sacked the most in the NFL, but to be fair, some of these sacks could have been avoided. The Eagles have the most drops in the NFL this season with 29, and the offensive line has been the farthest thing from stable. Even though Carson has had a negative season, I don’t think he is the main problem here. Like I said earlier, I think the Eagles need to part ways with Howie and Doug after this season. It is not the time to give up on Carson Wentz yet. I would like to see more of Jalen Hurts in the future since they drafted him. They need to give him a chance and see what he can do. I do not think Doug knows what to do with Hurts, it has been a disaster.

I feel like Carson has been put in a terrible position this year, and I think that it is also unfortunate for Jalen Hurts, as he is in a bad position and has been placed in the offense for only one or two plays at a time. The whole situation is a big mess, and I think it starts at the top with Doug and Howie. Granted, the majority of the players have underperformed this season as well.

I think it is time to focus on the future, and building a better football team for the next season and for years to come.

As always, Fly Eagles Fly, because part of being a fan is sticking with your team and supporting them through the good AND bad times.


Can the Eagles remain in control of the NFC East?

The Eagles played the Cowboys on November 1st, and this was a very sloppy and hard to watch football game. The Eagles had lots of struggles throughout the game, but fortunately came out of it with a win. Carson Wentz did not have a good game, as he committed four turnovers. Two of them were interceptions, and the other two were fumbles. Despite their injuries, the Eagles should not have struggled against a Cowboys team which was both injured and pathetic.

After this game, the Eagles entered a bye week. There was some bye-week drama with Safety Marcus Epps testing positive for Covid-19, along with an Eagles coach. Because of this, the Eagles meetings needed to be all virtual. Doug Pederson said, “We had a really good session this morning virtually. We leaned on our experiences from the spring and the summer in training camp with the virtual stuff. We had a really good session with the players and their meetings.”

The Eagles are set to play the New York Giants at MetLife stadium at 1:00 pm ET on Sunday.

I believe the Eagles will win this Sunday if they can execute on offense. Carson Wentz has been generating a lot of turnovers by making mistakes, such as holding the ball too long and forcing plays. Per John Clark, Carson said he has looked at his turnovers, and a lot of them are his having to just throw the ball away, and maybe being too aggressive at times. “Just eat it. Learn to live to play another down. Sometimes it’s just trying to do much.”

After this week, the schedule is tough. After the Giants, the Eagles will play the Browns, Seahawks, Packers, Saints, and Cardinals. These are all going to be very difficult games, in a stretch where the Eagles need to win.

The Eagles sit at (3-4-1) and have a tough schedule ahead of them, however, before we focus on all the future games, they need to take care of business this week. I have confidence in this team and in Carson Wentz, and I think the Eagles will win again this Sunday.

Eagles look to win again Sunday night Vs the Cowboys

The Eagles matched up against the New York Giants last week on Thursday night. The Eagles, as a team,did not play well at all. They started the game with a great drive to take an early lead. Through the course of the game, they were not converting on important plays on offense. To go along with that, Jake Elliot missed a 29-yard field goal at the end of the first half.

The defense had its fair share of flaws as well. One play that stuck out was when Giants Qb Daniel Jones escaped for a straight 80-yard run that would have been a touchdown, but Jones fell down without contact around the 15-yard line.

Despite the mistakes, the Eagles battled their way back into the game after being down 10-21. At one point in the 4th, Carson Wentz delivered a beautiful game-winning touchdown pass to Boston Scott late in the 4th quarter. Brandon Graham finished the game with a strip-sack on Jones, and the ball was recovered by Vinny Curry. A very nice comeback!

The dreaded Dallas Cowboys are coming to Philly this week to play the Eagles Sunday night. The Cowboys are coming off a 3-25 loss to Washington. In that game, back up quarterback Andy Dalton got hit while sliding to the ground, knocking him out of the game. It does not look like he will be able to play against the Eagles Sunday night as of right now. He missed practice again today, and is still in concussion protocol. It looks like third-string QB Ben DiNucci will be making his first NFL start Sunday night.

It appears that rookie WR Jalen Reagor will be returning this week, which is great news for the Eagles offense. Carson Wentz on Jalen Reagor and other players returning to the offense,

“I think it energizes the offense. Guys are excited. Because of what we’ve been able to do and we’ve been in a lot of these ball games. And we just keep adding some pieces back. We are as confident as ever.”

The Eagles always seem to bring a different emotion when it comes to Dallas Week. Darius Slay is picking up on that quickly.

“When I was with Detroit, I think we considered all the teams in the division rivals” Slay said on Tuesday. “But over here? They really don’t like nothing about the Cowboys. Nothing. And that’s just funny. I’m, like, loving it.”

I am feeling optimistic that the Eagles are going to get a win on Sunday night. The guys seem to be getting more fired up each day, and I can not wait to watch them go against Dallas on a National stage.

The Eagles look to take down rival New York Giants on Thursday Night Football

The Eagles played Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. They lost the game by only two points (28-30). This was a game where the Eagles started the game with lots of miss opportunities on offense, which led to putting the defense in many tough positions. Carson Wentz played hard, and he fought to keep the Eagles in the game. Wide receiver Travis Fulgham dominated once again, leading the receiving for the Eagles for the third straight game.

Once again, on offense, there were missed opportunities and drops. One major dropped pass occurred at the beginning of the game, when Carson Wentz looked downfield to rookie wide receiver John Hightower. The pass bounced off the hands of Hightower incomplete, this could have been a touchdown at the start of the game. Another major drop occurred towards the end of the first half, when Carson looked into the end zone for running back Miles Sanders. Sanders turned to the ball and missed the pass and bounced off his hands. These are two plays in which, if the pass was caught, the Eagles could have put six points on the board.

To go along with that, the Eagles are continuing to get hit with injuries. Miles Sanders will not play Thursday night due to a knee injury suffered in the loss to the Ravens. Doug Pederson anticipates having DeSean Jackson and Lane Johnson for the game, which is great news.

The team fought hard to get back into the game, and I was impressed with the overall effort. Carson Wentz said this after the game,

“Last week, this week, the ending is not what we wanted. But to see the way the guys have fought, to rally back, the resiliency of this team is something you can’t question. The toughness, the fight, and the effort is something I’m so proud of”

This game on Thursday night against the Giants should be a game the Eagles win. Despite being 1-4-1, the Eagles are in second place in the NFC East, and the Dallas Cowboys are in first with a record of 2-4. This is a very bad division, but I still want the Eagles to win the division, even though the NFC East is the laughing stock of the league. They are within close reach of first place, and this is a game they need to win.

We saw Jalen Hurts play a bit more in this game, and it was very entertaining to watch Jalen Hurts run with Carson Wentz as a blocker. Jalen Hurts can add a lot to this offense when he is in the game. I really hope Doug continues to put Hurts in the game, especially this week, since the Eagles are playing Thursday as opposed to Sunday.

The Birds showed a lot of heart on Sunday. Carson is proving to me that he is indeed the leader of this football team. He played his heart out Sunday, and so did the majority of the team. I was very proud of these guys, and I cannot wait to watch them play again against the dreaded New York Giants on a national stage.

I think the Eagles are going to win on Thursday. Go Birds, Fly Eagles Fly!

Eagles look to win again on Sunday, in the battle of Pennsylvania.

The Eagles won their first game of the 2020 season on Sunday night, beating the San Francisco 49ers 25-20. Carson came out good, but he was still not as good as I feel he can be. He misplaced some balls and missed some throws, but he did what they needed to do to win. He used his legs, and even had a rushing TD. Carson Wentz threw a go-ahead 42-yard touchdown pass to Travis Fulgham, generating much needed momentum. Alex Singleton followed it up with an interception, and returned it for a touchdown. The Eagles came out on top despite missing their top three receivers and tight end Dallas Goedert. Not a perfect game by any means, but they did what they needed to do in order to win.

The defensive line played another good game, and the Eagles lead the NFL with 17 sacks. They applied pressure to quarterback Nick Mullens, and forced him to make difficult throws. We saw Carson running with the ball last game too, and this is a big reason why they came out on top. Carson Wentz has 16 rushes for 102 yards in the last 2 games. This is the most Carson has had over a two-game span in his career. I love seeing Carson use his legs to pick up first downs and rush into the end zone. Carson said this on running more,

“Using my legs comes down most of the time to instincts. Sometimes I think it can get the offense into a groove”

This Sunday, the Eagles are facing off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh. There will be 5,500 fans allowed into Heinz Field for the game. The Eagles offensive line is going to have to play very well on Sunday, as the Steelers defense is very good. The Steelers are coming off an unplanned bye week in Week 4.

The Steelers are a good team, they have 15 sacks this year and 59 pressures. To go along with that, Ben Roethlisberger is having a good season. The Eagles will have to try and contain Steelers RB James Connor, who has been having a productive season as well. The Eagles pass rush will play a big part in this game, much like it did last week.

This is going to be another tough game for the Eagles. I feel they can win, if they play just as well as they did against the 49ers.

The Eagles look to win their first game of the season on Sunday night.

The Eagles played their third game of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. They were looking to win their first game of the season, and they failed to do that. They didn’t lose either, they tied on Sunday. Flat out, the Eagles team did not have a good game. The defensive line did their job and applied pressure on rookie QB Joe Burrow, and they sacked him eight times. However, Carson Wentz did not improve from his other two past poor performances. He threw two more interceptions, and finished 29 of 47 for 225 yards, one TD, and he ran for 65 yards with one running TD.

The Eagles and the Bengals both had chances to win the game, yet neither team could take advantage. This week is going to be even more difficult, as the Eagles are traveling to San Francisco and facing off against the 49ers in Sunday Night Football. To go along with the travel, the Eagles have had another rough week with injuries. Tight end Dallas Goedert has a small fracture in his ankle. Miles Sanders wasn’t expected to be on Wednesday’s injury report. He missed Week 1 with a hamstring injury, but now he’s dealing with a “glute” issue. It seems Sanders is not 100% which could be an issue for the Eagles offense. DeSean Jackson (hamstring), Fletcher Cox (abdominal), and Avonte Maddox (ankle) did not participate on Wednesday.

This week they are facing a banged-up 49ers team. Nonetheless, this will still be a tough game for the Birds, as the 49ers defense is very good. The offense will have to put points on the board and avoid turnovers.

Carson Wentz said “I’ve critiqued myself hard, and I’ve got to be better.”

“We’re really not far off offensively.
They’re all correctable things and things that we can get going in the right way and I’m confident that they will”

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said this on Carson Wentz,

“He’s an unbelievable player and he still is. I don’t see anything that’s changed. It’s a matter of time before he plays at a high level. He’s too good not to.”

It’s time for the Eagles to get their first when of the season on Sunday. I hope to see Carson correcting his mistakes and making accurate throws and good decisions. He will need to play very sharp this Sunday against such a good defense. Let’s hope we see this Eagles team bounce back and come away with a big win on Sunday night!

The Eagles are entering a must win game this Sunday.

The Eagles played their home opener against the Rams this past Sunday after an embarrassing loss against Washington. The defense was very poor, and allowed the Rams to score 37 points. But that is not the only problem! Once again, the offense struggled. Carson Wentz had another poor game, as he was missing throws and forcing throws. One example of Carson forcing the play, occurred when he forced a pass in the end zone intended for JJ Arcega-Whiteside who was double covered. This play resulted in an interception when the Eagles were down 16-21 in the third quarter. Carson needs to play better for the Eagles to win, plain the simple. With that being said, the defense needs to step up as well.

The Eagles will match up against rookie quarterback Joe Burrow this Sunday, and they can not lose. Few teams make the playoffs when starting 0-3. If the Eagles want any chance to make the playoffs, they need to come out with a win this week. Fortunately, the NFC East is not a good division, so if the Eagles find a way to go 8-8 or 9-7, there is a chance they can still make it to the NFL Playoffs.

Surprisingly, the Eagles offensive line was good on Sunday, so let’s hope they can continue to play well. Carson Wentz had a passer rating of 72.5 against Washington, and 56.5 against the Rams. He’s the only NFL quarterback who has had a rating below 73 in two starts this year. We need to see Carson Wentz stop making easy mistakes and trying to do too much. If this type of play continues, we may be seeing 2nd round draft pick Jalen Hurts coming in for Carson Wentz. At this point, I do not believe we should resort to starting Hurts, unless this play from Carson continues for weeks.

The Bengals are coming to the Linc this Sunday, the game is at 1:00 ET. The Eagles MUST win, and Carson needs to figure out whatever issues he has going on right now, in order for the Eagles to win. Additionally, it’s time for the secondary to make plays. At one point, the game was Eagles 3, Rams 21. The final score was Eagles 19, Rams 37.

Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz had this to say postgame Sunday, “Well, what happened on the field was I had a poor game plan.”

A lot of Eagles fans thought the missing piece to this Eagles defense might be leadership. The Eagles had Malcolm Jenkins as a clear defensive leader for 6 seasons. Safety Jalen Mills said this, “This team, we have enough leaders, we have enough captains, there’s no void as far as in our leaders and our captains on this team. And guys are doing their part. We had a rough patch these last two weeks and we’re going to get them fixed.”

Will we see a hungry, fired up Eagles team this Sunday, ready to prove their doubters wrong? We better see a turnaround, and let’s hope the Eagles will stop getting hit with the injury bug as well. I do think they can turn it around, but they need to come out strong Sunday!

Breaking Down the Eagles Loss Week 1 and moving on to Week 2

The Eagles faced the Washington Football Team in their season opener on Sunday. The Eagles jumped out to a 17 point lead in the game, but they blew that lead, and the Football Team beat them 27-17. This is a horrible loss, definitely one of the worst for Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz. No exaggeration, this loss was terrible. Carson Wentz was sacked 8 times! That’s right, eight times. The Eagles offensive line going into this game was

LT Jason Peters
LG Isaac Seumalo
C Jason Kelce
RG Nate Herbig
RT Jack Driscoll

This offensive line was horrendous in the game. I do believe that a couple of these sacks could have been avoided if Carson would throw the ball away, which he never does. Carson Wentz was missing easy throws and misplaying balls. Also, the Eagles never really established a run game. Granted, the Eagles were without their starting RB Miles Sanders, and their lack of effectively running the ball was almost none existent. This was not a good coaching game by Doug Pederson by any means. The offense as a whole was very disappointing. There were some positives, like Dallas Goedert who who played well, but overall it was very unfortunate.

The defense wasn’t too bad considering the field position they were given. Darius Slay looked pretty good, which was very encouraging. There are some issues with the defense, but they are manageable, compared to what the offense has going for them right now. Thankfully, we should see Lane Johnson back at right tackle this week vs the Rams.

With all that being said, the Eagles have their home opener this Sunday at 1:00 ET, with no fans at the Linc of course.

This week’s game could end very badly for the Eagles, if the offense plays anything like they did Sunday (including Carson Wentz). If this happens, they will lose. The Eagles offensive line will have the task this week to attempt to block Aaron Donald from getting to Carson. This will be VERY difficult for the Eagles offensive line. I am very worried about this, and I don’t think as of right now that the line is going to be able to contain him. What I do know is that Carson needs to throw the ball away! He seemed to stay in the pocket and simply wait to get taken down. Carson Wentz needs to get rid of the ball. Carson needs to learn it is okay to throw the ball away when he is about to get sacked.

I really hope Miles Sanders will return this Sunday, we need a dominant run game. We need to see a completely different offense than we saw this past Sunday. We also need to hope this team does not continue to suffer losses due to injuries, as we have already seen a lot of injuries from training camp and week one. I hope we see a turn around from the Birds this Sunday!

3 keys to success for the Eagles to beat Washington in week 1

The Philadelphia Eagles will kick off their 2020-2021 season this Sunday against the Washington Football Team. The Eagles won the NFC East last season with a 9-7 record. The Washington Football Team (Washington Redskins last year) had an unproductive season with a 3-13 record. The Eagles are facing a Washington team under new head coach Ron Rivera. In a majority of Philly vs Washington matchups, the result of the games seem to be close no matter how much better either team is. With that, here are my 3 keys to success for the Eagles to take down Washington this Sunday.

Key #1: Quarter Back protection

The Eagles are being faced with a difficult situation with their offensive line going into this season. Injuries and confusion based around who will be playing what position, seem to be the main problems facing the O line. The other day, news broke that Jason Peters is indeed moving to LT. Good news for the team, but the offensive line is still filled with problems. Eagles starting right tackle Lane Johnson is day to day with a lower-body issue, a big loss for the Eagles line if Lane is unable to play. It is crucial that the offensive line does the best possible job they can in protecting Carson Wentz. The Eagles can not afford to let Carson get injured. The O line needs to perform well this Sunday for the Eagles to win.

Key #2: Secondary containing McLaurin

The Eagles Secondary containing 2nd year WR Terry McLaurin is very important this week. The Eagles Secondary needs to play well this season for the Eagles to win games. In the past, the Eagles secondary has been (for the most part) lacking in performance. Time and time again corners were getting blown by, and committing ridiculous penalties. No more Rasul Douglas or Sidney Jones, and now Ronald Darby is a member of the Washington Football Team. The secondary improved this offseason when the Eagles acquired CB Darius Slay. In addition to that, they signed CB Nickell Robey-Coleman and S Will Parks. They moved Jalen Mills to Safety with Malcolm Jenkins being signed to the Saints. We need the secondary to be better this season, much better than they have been in past years.

Key #3: Wide receivers helping Wentz

Last season, the theme for the Philadelphia Eagles was injuries. Eagles WR Desean Jackson returned to Philly last season and scored 2 touchdowns in week one vs Washington. Unfortunately, he got injured the following week and was out for the majority of the season. Alshon Jeffery played 10 games, Nelson Agholor underperformed, and he had a number of dropped passes (Agholor is now a member of the Las Vegas Raiders). WR Greg Ward stepped up and became the first option wide receiver by the end of the season. The Eagles drafted Jalen Reagor in the first round of the draft, but he is currently injured. He should be back within a couple of weeks. It is crucial that the wide receivers stay healthy and help Carson. They need to give him opportunities to create big plays and put points on the board.

I believe the Eagles will win on Sunday 24-14, and start the season 1-0. Let’s hope that the team is able to avoid injuries and stay healthy.

Doug Pederson says Carson Wentz’s injury is “nothing major”.

Doug Pederson, on Tuesday afternoon, said that Carson Wentz’s injury which was reported as a lower-body injury is “nothing major”. Doug Pederson said Carson Wentz will be ready to start week one vs the Washington Football Team.

“Obviously what Carson is working through right now is nothing major,” Pederson said. “It’s minor, it’s day-to-day. This is actually a good time for this week to rest. As you guys know, if we played a game on Thursday, a preseason game, he wouldn’t play this week anyway. We’ll hold him back.”

“This is really a good time for him to really rest and for the majority of our starters to rest and prepare themselves for next week. I have no issues with where Carson is and where he’s headed. He’ll be ready to go.”

To go along with Carson sitting out of practice, Eagles rookie wide receiver Jalen Reagor is sitting out of practice with a shoulder injury, he is week to week. At practice, he was not wearing a sling and was moving his arms freely. This is a good sign!

Another issue facing the team right now is the offensive line situation. There were reports earlier in the week that Jason Peters was asking for more money to move from RG back to LT. This is what Doug Pederson said on Jason Peters:

“I don’t understand where some of these reports come from. Jason Peters is comfortable at right guard. He’s playing at a high level. We have some options at left tackle.”

It looks like Matt Pryor will play left tackle and Jason Peters will not move from right guard. Doug says Matt Pryor will settle at left tackle.

The Eagles are twelve days away from the first game of the season in Washington. There are a lot of fans concerned with this team’s ability to stay healthy. At this point, we will just have to wait and see what happens. Doug Pederson expects his starters to be ready for first game which means Miles Sanders, Lane Johnson, Javon Hargrave, Derek Barnett will be set to go. That is great news!