Rashod Bateman Would Be A Smart Trade Down Option For the Eagles

Much like last year the theme of this offseason for the Philadelphia Eagles will be wide receiver. With this year’s free agent class being loaded at that position, it is a possibility they could very well sign a starting caliber wide out such as Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay or the speedster in Will Fuller but with free agency yet to hit, it is still unknown who will get extended or even hit with the franchise tag so right now we have assume the Eagle’s look toward the draft for receiver help. With Alshon Jeffrey presumably out the door as he continues to age, Jalen Reagor’s spotty rookie season and the emergence of Travis Fulgham who seemed to fade down the stretch, the Eagles still need to look for that number one receiver to line up on the outside and Minnesota’s Rashod Bateman is exactly the player who can be that guy.

With the Eagles sitting at six in the upcoming draft the popular choice would be to grab whoever is there for them whether it’s Ja’Marr Chase or Devonta Smith, but with this roster depleted and continuing to age, the best move might in fact be trading down, acquiring more picks, and still grabbing a stud receiver in Bateman to be their number one. Rashod Bateman stands 6’2 at about 210 pounds and really jumped onto the draft radar after his very strong 2019 campaign where he hauled in 60 receptions for 1,219 yards, 12 touchdowns and averaged 20 yards per catch. Bateman only played in 5 games this year before opting out to start preparing for the upcoming draft. In those 5 games in 2020 he caught 36 passes for 472 yards, 2 touchdowns and averaged 13 yards per catch.

Standing 6’2 Bateman possesses the ideal size for a prototypical number one receiver. He possesses the best route running in this upcoming draft, as he does a great job changing levels at the top of his routes to create separation. Really soft/reliable hands, he’s a true hands catcher that catches the ball clean and effortlessly. Very underrated run after catch ability, his combination of size and speed makes him tough to bring down in open space. He’s also a very versatile receiver, his route running and good short area quickness give him the ability to win both inside and out. And he also had a pretty diverse route tree at Minnesota that should make for a small learning curve at the next level. Some weaknesses in Bateman’s game is that he doesn’t possess the deep speed to pose much of a threat over the top for opposing defenses. Seems to have not have much of a vertical to be able to out jumps opposing defenders on 50/50 balls. And because he opted out after only 5 games this season, there is somewhat of a small sample size compared to other receivers in the draft this year.

With Bateman opting out after only 5 games this year I think people, especially box score “scouts”, forget just how good he is when he’s on the field. Bateman has everything it takes to be a number one receiver at the next level in my opinion with his ideal size and polished route running to be able to consistently create separation, and he reminds me very much of Keenan Allen and I can definitely see him putting up similar number to him. Like I said earlier the popular choice for the Eagles would to be them taking either Chase or Smith at 6 but to trade down and acquire more more picks to help out this aging team, and still being able to grab a stud later in the first would be more valuable to this team in my opinion, and would set this team up nicely for future given they would hit on their extra picks acquired from a move like this.

Week 17 May Have Won Eagles Ja’Marr Chase

The Philadelphia Eagles had an underwhelming 2020 season once again. Coming into the year the Eagles were set to have a year long battle with the Cowboys for the division, with both the Giants and Washington Football Team set for what were perceived rebuilding years for both franchises. With holes in key positions on the Eagles defense, my pre-season prediction was the Cowboys winning the division winning around 11-12 games, with the Eagles earning a wild card spot winning around 9-10 games. But unfortunately neither team lived up to my pre-season predictions and now both teams have suffered losing seasons and now the Eagles have secured the 6th overall pick in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft.

So many things went wrong this season for the Philadelphia Eagles, whether it was the struggles of Carson Wentz that led to him getting benched for the rookie Hurts, the constant shuffling of the offensive line due to constant injuries or the questionable coaching decision from head coach Doug Peterson, most notably the week 17 benching of rookie Jalen Hurts for journeyman QB Nate Sudfeld last week. That latest decision by Doug Peterson has sparked outrage around the league from not just fans, but from players, coaches and analysts around the football world. Many people have questioned Peterson’s football integrity for this move and bashing him for not playing to win, but in my opinion, Eagles fans need to be celebrating because Doug Peterson just gifted this franchise with something it’s been lacking for years now and that’s a franchise wide receiver in what could be Ja’Marr Chase.

With the Eagles loss last week they have now secured themselves the number 6 pick in the upcoming draft and are in prime position to land the stud from LSU. Despite the phenomenal year put in by Bama receiver Devonta Smith that secured him the Heisman Trophy, Ja’Marr Chase is still the number one receiver in this upcoming draft class by a good margin. Chase does so many things on the field that makes him such a great talent that will be a superstar at the next level. Chase has great body control on back shoulder throws and in tight windows to come down with catches, his release off of press is nothing short of elite due to the physicality he plays with, his size and quickness makes him tough to bring down in open space and he possesses very reliable hands to catch anything that’s thrown his way. Ja’Marr Chase’s 2019 season was nothing short of remarkable as he brought in 84 catches for 1,780 yards for 20 receiving TD’s and averaged 21 yards per catch that earned him top receiver in the nation honors that year on the way to LSU’s nation championship victory over Clemson that year.

Was Doug Peterson’s decision to bench Hurts last week a tank move? Absolutely. Peterson’s move could very have put him on the hot seat and at risk of losing his job and yes, he will continue to receive criticism over the next few weeks as the NFL season comes to an end but in a few months no one will care because they will have a chance to fill a glaring need on this roster by landing a generational talent at receiver in Ja’Marr Chase as he possesses all the abilities to make an instant impact day one and could absolutely become a top 3 receiver in the league. With Carson Wentz struggling heavily this past year and friction created between him and the organization after he was benched for rookie Jalen Hurts, the big question for the Eagles 2021 offseason will who will be there franchise QB moving forward but one thing is for sure, if they are able to land Ja’Marr Chase at 6, Wentz or Hurts and that Eagles organization will have themselves a franchise receiver to throw to for years to come.

2020 NFL Draft Top 10 Wide Receiver Rankings

“The best wide receiver draft in history”. Since the start of the 2020 draft process, this wide receiver class has been regarded as the most talented in draft history, even after the historic 2014 draft class that contained studs such as Odell Beckham Jr, Mike Evans, Davante Adams, Sammy Watkins, Brandin Cooks, Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson and Kelvin Benjamin. This years class is viewed to surpass the multitude of talent that was the 2014 draft class with guys like CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs headlining it, and I for one, would have a hard time arguing against that with the talent that is set to break into the league from this 2020 draft class. Each receiver that I have ranked in my top ten in this class, I currently have a second round grade on which is historic in it’s own right, not including the plethora of talent that’s left outside my top ten.

1. CeeDee Lamb- WR, Oklahoma

If you asked 20 draft experts who the number one receiver in this class is, 10 would say CeeDee Lamb and 10 would say Jerry Jeudy. Many view Lamb and Jeudy as 1a and 1b for this class, as do I, but I have Lamb slightly over Jeudy. CeeDee Lamb has prototypical wide receiver one build. He is great after the catch, he has great instincts to feel where the open creases are and great strength to fight out of multiple tackles on a given play, Lamb also possesses very good ability to go up and make the tough, 50/50 balls because of his strength and frame. A number of teams played off coverage frequently against Lamb and Oklahoma because of their explosive offense which led to Lamb running routes a little nonchalant, but that’s an area he can always clean up and sharpen. Bottom line is Lamb is a natural born play-maker who can sky a defender on 50/50 balls and also catch a screen pass and run through defenders for 80 yards. He’s without a doubt going to be an instant start at the next level.

2. Jerry Jeudy- WR, Alabama

Jerry Jeudy, much like Lamb, is a play-maker in his own right. Jeudy is absolutely lethal in open space with his multitude of moves and shiftiness in open space, he has the ability to take cornerbacks ankles and juke them out of their cleats. Along with Jeudy’s great RAC ability, he has great long speed to take the top off of defenses which makes it very tough for corners to cover him because of his play-making versatility. The most impressive part of Jeudy’s games is his polished route running ability, he is ultra technical with it, when you watch him you can see the work Jeudy has put into trying to and perfect it. Jerry Jeudy will step on the field day one for a team and become a great number one option.

3. Henry Ruggs III- WR, Alabama

4.28 forty yard dash. Leading up to the NFL Combine in February, there was no doubt Henry Ruggs would blaze the forty yard dash and threaten John Ross’s record and Ruggs did just that. Even though he failed on breaking the 40 yard dash record at the combine, he without a doubt solidified him being a top 20 pick with his performance. Henry Ruggs has the ability to run past a corner on a fly while also being able to take a screen 80 yards to the house untouched. I think Rugg’s hands go a little under the radar because of his blazing speed, he runs routes well and catches the ball naturally in space and while covered heavily at times. Ruggs’s abilities and what he can provide for an offense is why he is highly regarded and will go top 20 come draft night, I am interested to see the level of success he will have at the next level with players with similar skill sets before him facing struggles at this level.

4. Denzel Mims- WR, Baylor

Before the combine back in February when I knew little about him, I remember thinking very little of Mims and even having Tee Higgins ahead of him in my rankings. After seeing him run a very impressive forty time, I immediately made it a priority to sit down and watch his film and I came away very impressed. The very first thing i remember highlighting about his game was his strong hands and his ability to catch pretty much every back shoulder throw that came his way. Mims possesses great body control and ball adjustment ability which makes him a very serious threat in the red zone. Mims possesses great ability to create separation off of press coverage because of the physicality he plays with and that was most certainly on display during the Senior Bowl practices. I really like how Mims’s game translates to the next level, I think he’s going to be very good for a long time for whichever team picks him up.

5. Justin Jefferson- WR, LSU

Justin Jefferson is probably coming off the most productive year of any receiver in this class after 1500+ receiving yards and 18 TD’s. Justin Jefferson is one of those reliable receivers you can go to when you need a big play, he reminds me a lot of Tyler Boyd by his frame and play style. Jefferson is solid in just about every aspect a receiver should be able to do, he has good hands, he runs routes well, he understands where the soft spots in zone are, he’s good at re-routing when the play gets extended and he can win over the top of a defense and make plays down the field. Jefferson isn’t that prototypical number one receiver teams love but his production simply can’t be denied and I think he will come into the league and be that same type of player that a quarterback will look to when they need a big play.

6. Jalen Reagor- WR, TCU

I think a lot of people view Jalen Reagor as a similar version of Tyreek Hill. Much like Tyreek Hill, Reagor has the ability to easily take the top off of a defense, he can effortlessly run past a corner on any play and can also go up and make a big play on 50/50 balls as well. Reagor is also ultra versatile, he is very dangerous as a returner and can also be used effectively on screens and fly sweeps as well. I do think Reagor struggles a bit with catching passes over the middle, I noticed a number of drops in those situations when he got hit over the middle and it is something he will have to work on. Overall though, Reagor’s versatility and play-making ability is why he’s so widely regarded in this years class and I think he can be a very good play-making piece for an offense.

7. Van Jefferson- WR, Florida

I get a little heat for putting Van Jefferson this high on my rankings, many people acknowledge Jefferson’s elite release ability off press coverage with his mixture of rhythm steps but do go on to say that he lacks play-making ability such as great speed in space and elite ability to make impressive catches in traffic. I do acknowledge he is limited athletically and doesn’t have game breaking speed but i do like the tools he does have. Like everyone else I love his route running and ability to create separation off of press coverage, but he also has good hands and a very good catch radius. Jefferson does a good job of using his length and extending his arms when he catches passes. Against LSU this past season he displayed that well against arguably the best corner in the nation in Stingley. Van Jefferson’s polished receiving techniques are why I am high on him, I think he become’s a productive primary target for the team that takes him.

8. Michael Pittman- WR, USC

Michael Pittman is highly regarded by many, I am not as high on him as most people, but I do recognize his abilities and what he brings to the table. Michael Pittman is that big bodied receiver that people love, he excels at making those big plays on 50/50 balls down field because of his big frame and catch radius. Pittman displays good body control and adjusts well to the ball when it’s in the air which plays a part in why he’s so good at making those big plays down field. Pittman does lack good long speed and short area quickness to create consistent separation which is why I think he may be limited at the next level, but with his physical skills I do think he can be that big body for a team that can make those contest catches down field and be a problem in the red zone.

9. Brandon Aiyuk- WR, Arizona State

Like Michael Pittman, I am a little lower on Brandon Aiyuk than most people are, but he does possess a very good skill set. Much like Jalen Reagor, Aiyuk is ultra versatile, he has the ability to get behind a defense and make a big play while also having the speed and short area quickness to be effective on screens as well as punt and kick returns, and can also be effective on sweeps and reverses. A few flaws I do see in his game is he doesn’t uses his hands when getting off of press coverage, he often relies on his quickness, which won’t fly against professional corners. My biggest problem with Aiyuk is he is a very heavy body catcher, he almost never extends his arms and uses his hands which is something i don’t like. Overall I like Aiyuk’s versatility and what he can bring to an offense which is why he is highly regarded and why he is in play to be a first round pick.

10. Tyler Johnson- WR, Minnesota

I think I’m one of the few who have Tyler Johnson in my top 10, especially with guys like Hamler and Higgins still left. Tyler Johnson isn’t the best athlete and doesn’t possess top end speed, which is why he was designated to the slot at Minnesota, and why many people are low on him and view him as a late third or fourth round pick. I understand Johnson isn’t the best athlete but the amount of production he put up at Minnesota can’t be ignored in my opinion. When I turned on his tape I immediately thought of Jarvis Landry, similar body type and not the best athlete but just ultra productive players and that’s what Johnson is. The big things that stand out from Johnson’s game is his good route running and he possesses great concentration to haul in difficult passes and I think he brings that natural production to a team and can become a consistent 65+ catch per year receiver for a team.

This receiver class is incredibly deep with talent with guys like K.J. Hamler, Tee Higgins, Antonio Gandy-Golden, Laviska Shenault and Donovan People-Jones not even making my top ten rankings and more underrated guys like Freddie Swain and James Proche likely to go day three that certainly have the ability to make an impact for a team. There will no doubt be a run of wide receivers in round one, we will most likely see five of six receivers ultimately be selected, with probably five of six going in round two as well. This receiver class has what it takes to be historic given the immense talent it has, and I for one am excited to see where everyone lands and how they impact their future teams.

2020 NFL Draft Mock Draft 2.0

The 2020 NFL Draft is just a week away and it will without a doubt be like one we’ve never seen before. With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing quarantine nationwide, the NFL Draft will be held without fans and teams will be sending in their draft picks virtually. With this different type of layout for the draft it will surely shake things up in terms of what to expect. Teams will be sending in picks virtually and team members are required to stay at their homes and not gather a one location. there are reports going around that teams are worrisome about sending in picks virtually with fears of possible internet problems that could come up during the draft, which would severely effect a teams ability to debate over which player to take and could make a team late for their selection and sending in their picks on time. With this fear league wide there is speculation that their may be little to no trades compared to years past. Never the less the draft will go on and I am personally excited and cannot wait until draft day to come. And with that I will start with the 1st pick in the 2020 draft, which is held by the Cincinnati Bengals.

1st Overall Pick: Cincinnati Bengals select- Joe Burrow, Quarterback, LSU

This pick will come as no surprise, the Bengals relationship with Andy Dalton has come to an end, and they will look to move on starting draft night by selecting future star Joe Burrow.

2nd Overall Pick: Washington Redskins select- Chase Young, Edge Rusher, Ohio State

The second overall pick, just like the first, will be no surprise. Even though the Redskins have an already loaded defensive line, they could use more of a pass rush on the edge and Chase Young is an absolute stud prospect and is just to good for the Redskins to pass up at this spot.

3rd Overall Pick: Detroit Lions select- Jeff Okudah, Cornerback, Ohio State

Right now I have the feeling the Dolphins aren’t sold on Tua, and with the Chargers having a limited amount of picks I just don’t see them giving up extra picks when I think the feel good with Tyrod holding down the fort for a little while. With the Dolphins and Chargers not moving up for a quarterback the Lions will stay put and take arguably the best defensive player in this draft in Okudah, which is a big position of need for them after Slay’s departure.

4th Overall Pick: New York Giants select- Isaiah Simmons, Linebacker, Notre Dame

A lot of speculation has the Giants taking a big man here at 4, whether it’s a tackle or Derrick Brown, but Simmons is such an amazing athlete I think he’s ultimately to good to pass up here for the Giants for both their defense and the fan base.

5th Overall Pick: Miami Dolphins select- Justin Herbert, Quarterback, Oregon

Tua or Herbert? Tua or Herbert? I personally think Tua is by far the better prospect even with the injuries during college, but I think the Dolphins pull a “Dolphins” move and get scared off and take the less superior player in Justin Herbert.

6th Overall Pick: Los Angeles Chargers select- Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback, Alabama

This would be a big win for the Chargers to not have to move up to get Tua. This would be ideal for the Chargers, they have a capable vet in Taylor to hold the fort for a year if Tua needs it, but this would give the Chargers another franchise quarterback to follow up Rivers’s tenure.

7th Overall Pick: Carolina Panthers select- Derrick Brown, Defensive Tackle, Auburn

With their ideal picks in Okudah and Simmons off the board I think the Panthers take one of the best players available in Brown. Brown is an athletic freak for his size and can play any position on the interior, I think this is a good, safe pick for them at this spot.

8th Overall Pick: Arizona Cardinals select- Tristan Wirfs, Offensive Tackle, Iowa

I don’t feel remotely comfortable with the Cardinals tackle situation, and I don’t think they do either. I think they go for an athletic tackle for that offense, and I personally think Becton is the better prospect but I think they go Wirfs here after his combine performance.

9th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars select- Jedrick Wills, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

The Jags absolutely need a tackle to protect whoever is at quarterback for them this year and for the future and I think they get the best tackle in the draft at nine here with Wills and this would be a very good pick for the Jags if Wills is still here when they are on the clock.

10th Overall Pick: Denver Broncos select- Henry Ruggs III, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Over these past few days rumors have came out about the Broncos wanted to trade up ahead of the Jets, Raiders and 49ers for their receiver in this draft and I believe it. I think they do trade up with Cleveland and take the receiver they’ve been rumored to really like in Ruggs and they get a playmaker for their young quarterback.

11th Overall Pick: New York Jets select- Jerry Juedy, Wide Receiver, Alabama

I think the Jets are a candidate to trade back in the first, but with the Broncos trading ahead of them for a receiver they’ve been linked to like, I think they stay put at eleven and take a receiver for Sam and I think they take Juedy to make up for some of the speed they lost when Robby left and because he may be the better fit in their eyes.

12th Overall Pick: Las Vegas Raiders select- CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

The Raiders luck out here and get the last of the top three receivers in this draft, as they take Lamb. Whether it’s Lamb or Juedy for them come April 23rd, they win with this pick because they get the receiver they desperately need.

13th Overall Pick: Atlanta Falcons select- Javon Kinlaw, Defensive Tackle, South Carolina

The Falcons have been rumored to want to trade up, but with the Jets staying put at eleven and with the 49ers missing out on one of the top three receivers, I think the 49ers panic and move back with the Falcons and they take Kinlaw to add to their defense.

14th Overall Pick: Tampa Bay Bucs select- Mekhi Becton, Offensive Tackle, Louisville

With the Falcons jumping in front of them and taking Kinlaw, who i believe they had their eye on, I think they take the athletic freak in Becton and put him on the right side across from Smith to add protection for their newly acquired 42 year old quarterback.

15th Overall Pick: Cleveland Browns select: Andrew Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Georgia

They was a rumor that came out today saying the Browns want to trade back and take Ezra Cleveland. I do think they ultimately trade back but I just don’t buy them reaching for Cleveland, I think they take the much better tackle in Andrew Thomas.

16th Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers select- CJ Henderson, Cornerback, Florida.

With the Broncos trading up ahead of the 49ers for a receiver, the 49ers missed out on the top three receivers in this draft. I think that forces them to reach a bit for a need and take Henderson from Florida who has been rumored to be rising up teams boards after his combine performance.

17th Overall Pick: Dallas Cowboys select- Xavier McKinney, Safety, Alabama

The Cowboys have a big need at safety, especially with Health signing with the Raiders in free agency. I personally think McKinney is overrated, I have a second round grade on him, but I think the Cowboys reach here and grab the safety they need.

18th Overall Pick: Miami Dolphins select- Josh Jones, Offensive Tackle, Houston

With the trade of former first round pick Laremy Tunsil last year the Dolphins have a need at tackle here and I think they fill that need with Josh Jones from Houston. I think Jones is a very promising tackle prospect and I would personally really like this pick from the Dolphins.

19th Overall Pick: Las Vegas Raiders select- Jordan Love, Quarterback, Utah State

I think there will be divide in the Raiders room with this pick but I think there are also doubts about Carr as well and I think that leads to Mayock turn in this card. I’m not particularly high on Love, I think Love definitely needs to sit for a few years and with this move Carr will definitely be on the move soon.

20th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars select- Kristian Fulton, Cornerback, LSU

With the departures of both Ramsey and Bouye the Jags are in desperate need of a cornerback and I think Fulton would be a very solid pick. Fulton is my second ranked corner in this class, they could go Jeff Gladney here who is a lengthy corner teams really like but I think they ultimately take Fulton here.

21st Overall Pick: Philadelphia Eagles select- Justin Jefferson, Wide Receiver, LSU

The Eagles desperately need a wide receiver with the departure of Agholor and both Jeffrey and Jackson aging and I think they take Jefferson here with the 21st pick. Jefferson is my 5th ranked receiver and I think this would be a very solid move for them.

22nd Overall Pick: Minnesota Vikings select- Jeff Gladney, Cornerback, TCU

With the release of Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes signing with the Bengals, the Vikings really need a cornerback. Gladney had some technique issues in 2019 but he did seem to clean it up a bit throughout the season. Gladney is a lengthy corner with good instincts and I think this would be a solid pick for the Vikings.

23rd Overall Pick: New England Patriots select- Patrick Queen, Linebacker, LSU

I think the Patriots could go with defensive line here as well but I don’t think there’s good enough value here which is why I think they take Queen. Queens has risen up draft boards since the championship game and I think they get a much needed upgrade at linebacker with this pick.

24 Overall Pick: New Orleans Saints select- Kenneth Murray, Linebacker, Oklahoma

The Saints could go receiver here at 24 but with the addition of Sanders I think they can look to go elsewhere in round one. I think Kenneth Murray would be a really good pick, he can run sideline to sideline and they could use another linebacker next to Davis.

25th Overall Pick: Minnesota Vikings select: AJ Epenesa, Defensive End, Iowa

While Everson Griffen still waits in free agency and the possibility of a reunion still on the table, I think they draft his replacement here. Epenesa has received some criticism because of his limited athleticism and bend around the edge, but I personally love his hand usage and I think he’s got enough athleticism to be effective.

26th Overall Pick: Miami Dolphins select- K’Lavon Chassion, Edge Rusher, LSU

Many envision the Dolphins taking a running back with their third pick in the first round and they very well could. But with the addition of Jordan Howard and Chassion still on the board I think they go ahead and take him. Chassion still is a bit raw but his physical abilities can’t be questioned. This would be good valued for the Dolphins at 26.

27th Overall Pick: Seattle Seahawks select- Jeremy Chinn, Safety, Southern Illinois

I think the seahwaks go safety with this pick because of the holes left by Thomas and Chancellor. Antoine Winfield is my next rated safety behind McKinney in this class, but I think because of his injury history he’ll fall to the second round. I like Chinn quite a bit, he’s well rounded and has good instincts. Would be a solid pick for Seattle.

28th Overall Pick: Baltimore Ravens select- Akeem Davis-Gaither, Linebacker, App State

Man I love the idea of Davis-Gaither to the Ravens here. The Ravens have a track record of drafting talented linebackers/edge rushers in almost every draft and I think they do that again here. Davis-Gaither is a very athletic, versatile linebacker who can cover in space and rush the passer and I think the fit with the Ravens culture would be perfect.

29th Overall Pick: Tennessee Titans select- Ross Blacklock, Defensive Tackle, TCU

Ross Blacklock to the Titans makes a lot of sense here. With the top corners already gone I think Blacklock here would be a good move, he’s a good athlete for his size and uses his quickness inside to create disruption in the backfield.

30th Overall Pick: Green Bay Packers select- Denzel Mims, Wide Receiver, Baylor

Just a few months ago i had Tee Higgins above Mims in my rankins. But After Higgins’s awful pro day, watching some of Mims’s tape and watching him during the Senior Bowl practice’s I fell in love with this kid. He’s ultra physical at the line which makes him great with getting off of press and he has really strong hands and is very good at contested catches. Him matched up with Rodgers and across from Adams would bring that Packers offense to another level.

31st Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers select- Brandon Aiyuk, Wide Receiver, Arizona State

With the 49ers missing out on the top receivers earlier in the draft, I think they reach a little bit and take Aiyuk here. Brandon Aiyuk has risen up boards a bit, he’s very versatile in the things he can do for a team, much like last years pick, Deebo Samuel. He does have a really bad tendency to body catch which is why I’m a little lower on him than most, but i do love his versatility and I think this could be a good fit.

32nd Overall Pick: Kansas City Chiefs select- Logan Wilson, Linebacker, Wyoming

The Chiefs very well could go running back here and they do have a need a cornerback. With the top corners gone and this being a deep draft for running backs I think they bulk up their defense and take Wilson here with a need at linebacker. Wilson’s very underrated in my opinion I love his instincts and overall IQ and he’s pretty good in coverage as well. This would be a very solid pick for the Chiefs to close out the first round.

2020 NFL 1st Round Mock Draft 1.0

1st Overall Pick: Cincinnati Bengals select- Joe Burrow, Quarterback, LSU

The first overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft is not complicated and should be no surprise to anyone. With the Bengals seemingly done with Andy Dalton, they will go ahead and draft their quarterback of the future in Joe Burrow who has a very bright future ahead of him.

2nd Overall Pick: Washington Redskins select- Chase Young, Defensive End, Ohio St

Just like the first overall selection, the second pick from the Washington Redskins is also a no brainer. Even with their defensive line is already loaded with guys like Jonathan Allen, Montez Sweat, Ryan Kerrigan and Daron Payne, a generational player like Chase Young is simply to good to pass up in this spot. I think Washinton could get a few calls from teams looking to jump up and grab Tua but I think Young will be to good to trade away from when they are on the clock.

3rd Overall Pick: Miami Dolphins select- Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback, Alabama

The Dolphins will obviously be moving on from former top 10 pick Josh Rosen and seasoned vet Ryan Fitzpatrick going forward. I think it’s ultimately a coin flip between the Chargers and Dolphins to trade up with the Lions come draft night, and I think ultimately the Dolphins strike a deal with the Lions simply because of the volume of picks that they have to work with. Some teams might be scared off from Tua’s injury history and the fact that they can’t physically get their hands on him to due to the national quarantine due to the corona virus pandemic. I think Tua is a star player and a franchise QB, and i most certainly think he’s worth the risk at number pick three.

4th Overall Pick: New York Giants select- Isaiah Simmons, Linebacker, Clemson

I think when the Giants are on the clock it will ultimately come down to Isaiah Simmons and Mekhi Becton from Louisville. Both Simmons and Becton are physical freaks athletically and Gettleman does have a history or prioritizing linemen over skill position players but when they turn the card in I think it’s Simmons. I think the Giants take Simmons at 4 and come back in round two and take Josh Jones from Houston or Austin Jackson from USC.

5th Overall Pick: Detroit Lions select- Jeff Okudah, Cornerback, Ohio St

This would be an absolute perfect scenario for the Detroit Lions to nab cornerback Jeff Okudah at five. The Lions have a glaring need at corner after the trade of Darius Slay a few weeks ago, and if the Lions can trade back a few spots and acquire more picks and still get the franchise corner they would take at 3, I think that’s an A+ day one for them.

6th Overall Pick: Los Angeles Chargers select- Justin Herbert, Quarterback, Oregon

I think the Chargers favor Tua more than Herbert but I think they’re content with sitting back at six and taking Herbert. With the Chargers only having 7 picks in the draft I think they want to hold on to as many as possible and with them having a veteran quarterback like Taylor, I think they ultimately stay out a six and take Justin Herbert.

7th Overall Pick: Carolina Panthers select- Derrick Brown, Defensive Tackle, Auburn

In a perfect world for the panthers, three quarterbacks or tackles would go in the top six and either Jeff Okudah or Isaiah Simmons would fall into their laps, but i don’t see that happening. If the board shakes out that way I think the Panthers select Derrick Brown. Derrick Brown is a freak athletically for his size and played up and down the line at Auburn. His wide frame takes up two blockers in the run game and he has the quickness to be a factor rusher the passer. This would be a solid, safe pick for the Panthers.

8th Overall Pick: Arizona Cardinals select- Mekhi Becton, Offensive Tackle, Louisville

Before they traded for Deandre Hopkins a few weeks ago, I thought it was pretty much a lock the Cardinals would take a wide receiver and reunite Murray with CeeDee Lamb. With DHop a cardinal now, I think the Cardinals prioritize protecting Murray and take Mekhi Becton from Louisville. With Jedrick Willis being my top rated tackle in this draft, I think he could be in play her for the Cardinals, but with an athletic quarterback in Kyler Murray in a fast pace system like Kingbury’s, I think they look to take the most athletic tackle with the biggest upside in Mekhi Becton.

9th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars select- Tristan Wirfs, Offensive Tackle, Iowa

I think tackle is the play for the Jaguars here. The Jags could certainly go wide receiver here and take Jerry Juedy at this spot but I think they like both DJ Chark and Dede Westbrook and I think they will look to an offensive tackle at number nine come draft night.

10th Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers select: Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver, Alabama

I think this could be a very intriguing spot for a trade up come draft night. With the Browns at 10 I think this could be a spot where they look to trade down. They could take Andrew Thomas here as he’s the only tackle left of the top four, but I’m really high on Josh Jones from Houston and if they do miss out on Thomas I think Jones could be a solid pick later on. I think the 49ers jump ahead of the Raiders and grab their number one receiver on their board. I could see the 49ers given Cleveland their 13th overall pick and a third or fourth.

11th Overall Pick: New York Jets select- Jedrick Willis, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

CeeDee Lamb or Jedrick Willis? If the board does indeed unfold like this and both Willis and Lamb are on the board, Jets fans will probably be split in their outcries on who they should take. With the Jets both hurting with weapons for Sam Darnold to throw to and lacking a left tackle to cover his blind side both players would be great additions. In this case with Willis, who is my top rated tackle, I thin they take him and look toward Michael Pittman Jr or Brandon Aiyuk in the second round.

12th Overall Pick: Las Vegas Raiders select- CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

I think pick for the Raiders is pretty predictable, with Ceedee Lamb still on the board and a huge need at receiver for them, this would be a slam dunk pick for Grueden and Mayock. With Tyrell Williams pretty much being a bust signing based on his performance last season, their best receiver being a slot guy in Hunter Renfroe and question marks completely surrounding Derek Carr from the organization, landing Lamb will give Carr the weapon to prove whether he is a franchise quarterback or not.

13th Overall Pick: Cleveland Browns select- Andrew Thomas, Offensive Tackler, Georgia

This would be a great scenario for the Cleveland Browns. If they board fall this way and the Browns come away with Andrew Thomas, who’s my second rated offensive tackle, that is a big win for the Browns. Even with the signing of Conklin, they Browns do need another tackle, and with Conklin slated to play right tackle, Thomas could slide right in and start day one at left tackle for the Browns.

14th Overall Pick: Tampa Bay Bucs select- Javon Kinlaw, Defensive Tackle, South Carolina

I think this would be a great pick for the Bucs. With the Bucs resigning both Shaq Barrett and Suh, adding another talented, athletic defensive linemen like Kinlaw would be a solid pick. Kinlaw had a very good 2019 season with South Carolina and was turning heads at the senior bowl and was set to dominate during the game until and injury forced him out. I think adding a talented prospect like Kinlaw would be a great addition for Todd Bowles and his defense.

15th Overall Pick: Denver Broncos select- Henry Ruggs, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Reports are that the Broncos are very high on Henry Ruggs from Alabama, and if he is available when they’re on the clock I think they run the card in. Since the departure of Emmanuel Sanders last year via trade, the Broncos have had a whole at receiver across from Cortland Sutton. With Desean Hamilton producing little to non the broncos have a need at receiver and Henry Ruggs would be a slam dunk at 15 for them.

16th Overall Pick: Atlanta Falcon select- K’Lavon Chasion, Defensive End, LSU

With the Falcons moving on form former first round pick Vic Beasly this off-season, they essentially go into the 2020 draft starving for a edge rusher. I think this pick comes down to either Chassion or AJ Epenesa from Iowa. I personally like Epenesa better as a prospect but Chassion is that lengthy, athletic edge rusher that teams love and I think the Falcons go that route and select Chassion.

17th Overall Pick: Dallas Cowboys select- Xavier McKinney, Safety, Alabama

I’m not particularly high on this years safety class, but I think the biggest need for the Cowboys going into the 2020 draft is safety. There are reports that the Cowboys are looking to trade up to draft a receiver but with Cooper and Gallup leading the way I don’t think that’s likely. If Ruggs were to fall to them I think they would wind up taking him but since he’s gone I think they take a need at saftey.

18th Overall Pick: Miami Dolphins select- Josh Jones, Offensive Tackle, Houston

I would absolutely love this pick for the Dolphins. The Dolphins knew Laremy Tunsil’s contract was coming up and he would demand around 20 million annually, so they smartly proceeded to trade him last year knowing they were in full rebuild mode. I personally love Josh Jones out of Houston, he’s a fantastic athlete with quick feet and I think he can be a really solid tackle in the league, if the Dolphins end up taking him I think it would be a great pick.

19th Overall Pick: Las Vegas Raiders select- Patrick Queen, Linebacker, LSU

Ever since the National Championship kicked off Patrick Queens draft stock has risen. I think this would be a typical Mike Mayock pick, Patrick Queen is an athletic freak who has done nothing but rise since the draft process began, the Raiders have longed lacked youth and talent at the linebacker position and I think Mayock runs this card in if he is still there when then are on the clock at nineteen.

20th Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars select- Jeff Gladney, Cornerback, TCU

It wasn’t long ago the Jags were in the AFC Championship game and one or two big plays away from the Super Bowl. Now they are pretty much in full rebuild mode and after trading away both Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye they are in desperate need of help in the secondary. I think Kristian Fulton and CJ Henderson are better options at corner, Gladney showed inconsistent mechanics in 2019 and he will need to clean them up, but he’s a lengthy physical corner and I think the Jags lean toward him with this pick.

21st Overall Pick: Philadelphia Eagles select- Justin Jefferson, Wide Receiver, LSU

A wide receiver is a no brainer for the Eagles in the first round. I love Denzel Mims as the best receiver on the board at this pick but I think they go with Justin Jefferson. Justin Jefferson is an overall solid prospect and is very reliable and put up a ton of production for LSU in 2019. Whether it’s Mims or Jefferson with this pick, I think it would be a big win for the Eagles who desperately need target for Carson Wentz.

22nd Overall Pick: Minnesota Vikings select- CJ Henderson, Cornerback, Florida

The Vikings could go receiver here with the trade of Diggs a few weeks ago, but after the release of longtime viking Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes signing with the Bengals, the Vikings desperately need cornerback help. I think selecting Henderson here is a very good pick, Henderson is a pretty polished corner, he has good technique and fluid hips, I have him as my third ranked corner in this class. I think they would have a very good combo with Mike Hughes and Henderson.

23rd Overall Pick: New England Patriots select- Jordan Love, Quarterback, Utah State

This would be every non-patriots fans nightmare to have Jordan Love fall to the Patriots at 23. Love provides very good upside, some comparing him to Patrick Mahomes, but has a fair share of development needed. In 2019 Love threw 17 interceptions with a handful of them being just terrible decisions due to poor field vision. In my opinion love needs to sit for multiple years to really learn the speed of the game and reading pro defenses. If Love is still there when the Patriots get on the clock I think they take Love, sit him behind Hoyer/Stidham for a few years and have him take over from there.

24th Overall Pick: New Orleans Saints select- Kenneth Murray, Linebacker, Oklahoma

Ravens fans would be absolutely sick but this would be a great pick if Kenneth Murray falls to the Saints. Murray is a very explosive linebacker with insane closing and sideline to sideline speed. Murray would be a great addition and would add even more speed to that tough Saints defense, would be an immediate A+ pick.

25 Overall Pick: Minnesota Vikings select- AJ Epenesa, Defensive End, Iowa

This would be a great value pick for the Vikings at 25. A lot of people a low on Epenesa because he doesn’t have great speed or bend around the edge, but he has enough to get by in my opinion and he wins with his elite hand usage and will be plenty productive because of that. With Emerson Griffen no longer a Viking, the Vikings could use another pass rusher alongside Hunter and Epenesa would be a great pick up.

26th Overall Pick: Miami Dolphins select- Deandre Swift, Running Back, Georgia

Man landing Tua, Josh Jones and Deandre Swift would be a great first round for the Dolphins and would set their offense up very well for the future. Swift isn’t my top rated back in this class mainly because of his struggles in pass protection, he will really need to improve in that area if he wants to see significant playing time. Swifts great speed and elusiveness in open field are what have people raving about him and I think this would be a great pick for the Dolphins to end their night.

27th Overall Pick: Seattle Seahawks select- Antoine Winfield, Safety, Minnesota

Man, I remember when Earl Thomas and Cam Chancellor has the back end of the Seahawks secondary on lock, but now safety is the biggest need for them. I think Antoine Winfield would be a very solid pick for the Seahwaks, Winfield is my second rated safety in this class behind McKinney. Grant Delpit has a number of holes in his game and I think he falls into the second round when the draft comes.

28th Overall Pick: Baltimore Ravens select- Akeem-Davis Gaither, Linebacker, Appalachian St

The Ravens are really thin at linebacker coming into the 2020 draft. I think both Gaither and Logan Wilson from Wyoming would both be in play here with Kenneth Murray already gone. I think Gaither would be the typical Ravens pick here, the Ravens love athletic linebackers that can get after the quarterback and I think Gaither is a perfect fit for the Ravens culture. Gaither is ultra versitile, he can play in space and get after the quarterback, would be a solid pickup the Ravens.

29th Overall Pick: Tennessee Titans select- Ross Blacklock, Defensive Tackle, TCU

With the addition of Vic Beasley, the Titans now have two young ends with good upside in Beasley and Harold Landry. I think Ross Blacklock would be a solid addition to that Titans front seven. Blacklock is a twitchy athlete for his size, and uses his quickness to shoot gaps and be disruptive in the backfield which is something Mike Vrabel would love.

30th Overall Pick: Green Bay Packer select: Denzel Mims, Wide Receiver, Baylor

Man oh man would this be a great pick for the Packers. My love for Denzel Mims is no secret, this kid is a very good prospect. Mims plays with great physicality in coverage and will toss you off of him if you try getting your hands on him. Mims is also lethal with back shoulder throws, he adjust well to the ball and has very strong hands to be able to make contested catches. If Mims gets paired up with Rodgers and Adams, the Packers offense will be elite.

31st Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers select- Kristian Fulton, Cornerback, LSU

With Richard Sherman getting older and declining physically, as apparent when he got toasted by Sammy Watkins in the super bowl, and Akhello Witherspoon under-performing, the 49ers could really use help in the secondary. Picking up Kristian Fulton at the back end of the first would be a really solid pickup. Fulton is my cornerback two in this class, he has great technique and very fluid hips, I think he has the ability to be one of the better corners in the league in a few years.

32nd Overall Pick: Kansas City Chiefs select: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Runningback, LSU

I know the Chiefs picked up Damien Williams’s option earlier this off-season, but i love the idea of Edwards-Helaire in this offense. Edwards-Helaire is a versatile back who can run with great balance and vision between the tackles while also catching 70+ balls a year. He is an every down back who is also solid in pass protection so he can step in right away and take that offense to another level. This would be a great pick for the Chiefs.

A Potential Wildcard? Should Chase Claypool be on the Eagles Radar?

Chase Claypool- WR, Notre Dame

Instagram: prospect_breakdown

Wide receiver, safety, cornerback, and both interior and edge defensive linemen are the biggest needs for the Philadelphia Eagles heading into the 2020 draft. It’s almost a certainty they select a wide receiver round one and most likely another one or two later on. In rounds two and three I think they should look to add either another receiver, a safety or look to add a young piece to their defensive line as Brandon Graham is nearing a decline and/or look to upgrade from Javon Hargrove. 

Chase Claypool was an interesting name that had been mentioned to me in regards to should the Eagles look to select him in the upcoming draft. Chase Claypool is a 6’4, 238 pound wide receiver from Notre Dame who put everyone on noticed this past combine when he ran a 4.42 40 yard dash, recording an impressive 40.5 vertical and a 10 foot 6 inch broad jump. Claypool had a breakout year in 2019 as he hauled in 66 receptions for 1,037 yards, averaged 15.7 yards per catch and caught 13 TD’s. Claypool’s impressive 2019 season had scouts take notice but many view him as a TE at the next level because of his size, but after he ran a 4.42 forty yards dash he made a case for him to be able to be view as a receiver at the next level. 

Chase Claypool is a fantastic athlete for his size, which is why he has scouts raving about his ability, and that blazing forty yard dash only added to that. Along with his excellent athletic ability and a great catch radius to be able to make contested catches he also possesses good/strong hands that add to his ability to make contested catches which really makes him a great red zone target to have. Now why would scouts that have 6’4 receiver who runs a 4.42 forty yard dash and has a huge catch radius want to put him inside to block for running backs? The answer to this is because of his average short area quickness and ability to create consistent separation. Claypool is a phenomenal athlete but his natural quickness is limited because of his size and a lot of scouts and coaches view him as a tight end at the next level, along with myself. 

I think Claypool best translates as a tight end at the next level, but I think he should be used as a matchup nightmare on passing downs rather than an in-line blocker going up against 285 pound defensive ends. I think with Claypool’s elite physical abilities and great speed in space him could really create mismatches for a defense and be very effective. The question is should the Eagles draft him? The answer is no. With already two matchup nightmares in Ertz and Goedert on the team there’s simply no need for a third tight end, with Claypool likely to be selected in the second or third round I think the Eagles are better served to focus on their secondary needs such as corner, safety and defensive line to really round out their roster. I think Claypool has a bright future ahead of him and will definitely be a matchup nightmare for the team who drafts him but the Eagles simply have more pressing needs they need to address come draft time. 

Logan Wilson-A Future All-Pro Linebacker?

Logan Wilson- LB, Wyoming

Instagram: prospect_breakdown

With receiver and cornerback dominating the discussion as the biggest needs for the Philadelphia Eagles, linebacker has gone a little bit under the radar as a positional need for the Eagles heading into the 2020 NFL Draft. Nate Gerry, a former safety, is the only linebacker on the Eagles depth chart that started for the team last year, and the Eagles did just sign former Chargers linebacker Jatavis Brown to a one year contract which should give them some comfort about their linebacker room heading into the draft. Brown does have the ability to play the mike up the middle having come from playing in the middle in a 3-4 with the Chargers, but I think adding a another linebacker that can play up the middle, sliding Brown to the strong side and putting Gerry on the weak side would solidify their linebacker core.

Logan Wilson would be an excellent pick for the Eagles in the second round. Logan Wilson is a 6’2, 250 pound linebacker from Wyoming, he is a four year starter, he played in 13 games in 2019, recorded 62 solo tackles, 43 assisted(105 total), had 8.5 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 4 Int’s with one of them being a pick 6. Wilson has gone under the radar during the draft process being projected in the back end of the top 10 linebackers in this class. Wilson has recorded 409 tackles, 34.5 tackles for loss, 10 Int’s and 7 sacks in his career at Wyoming and in my opinion I think Wilson should be LB4 behind Patrick Queen in this class.

Logan Wilson isn’t a sideline to sideline linebacker who can cover a large amount of ground and run stride for stride with these speed backs on the edge but he makes up with it with his natural instincts and his very good tackling ability in space, as he feels out and dissects the play very well and often breaks on the play before it even has time to develop and ends up making a play in the backfield. Wilson is very good in coverage as well, he’s not the most athletic, but he’s smooth enough in enough in space to succeed and his instincts once again make up for it, as he reads the quarterback’s eyes well in zone coverage making a handful of plays in his college career.

I know the league is getting faster and teams are looking for these 235 pound linebackers that can run sideline to sideline with ease but Wilson has enough speed to be effective and his instincts really make up for it and that is a very important trait a linebacker should have. I think Logan Wilson has All-Pro ability and ends up being a steal for a team in the second or third round, and the Eagles should give him a hard look when those rounds come around. With them releasing Nigel Bradham earlier this offseason, the Eagles still have a hole at that position and the combination of Wilson at the mike, Brown on the strong side and Gerry on the weak side would be a nice solid linebacker core for the Eagles in 2020.

Darius Williams- Interview/Should the Eagles draft him?

Darius Williams- S, Carson-Newman

Instagram: prospect_breakdown

I had the great opportunity yesterday to talk briefly with and do a quick interview with Darius Williams, a 5’10, 195 pound safety from Carson-Newman. Darius Williams played in 10 games in 2019, recorded 29 solo tackles, 36 assisted(65 total), 4 pass deflections, 1 fumble recovery and 2 Int’s(8 career). Darius Williams’s honors throughout his college career included the Don Hanson Football All-American, Don Hanson All-Region, D2CCA All-Region and First Team All-SAC. 

Darius Williams grew up admiring the legendary Ladainian Tomlinson as a kid, he grew up in Florida as a big Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan and fell in love with the game of football through his frequent trips to Buccaneers games with his father. The Sunday’s with his dad at Bucs games was what eventually had him ask his parents to sign up for the football team at the age of eight, and that love of the game grew as he loved the pure competition and contact that football entailed. Williams began playing football throughout this childhood and at his Northside Christian High School in Florida he was named Blue-Grey All-American, Pinellas County All-Star and the leading tackler among defensive backs in 2014 and 2015. 

Williams drew heavy interest from Wake Forest, Missouri, Colgate and Stetson following his high school career, but was never officially offered a scholarship to those schools. So he took a visit to the University of Carson-Newman and immediately fell in love with the culture and atmosphere there, along with the coaches and staff. Following his great career at Carson-Newman I made it a priority to ask him what was his favorite moment from his time there and he told me it was during his sophomore year when him and his team got revenge on the University of Tusculum as they completely dominated them 27-7 in a very muddy, tough gritty game after losing a heartbreaker to them the previous year 31-30 in overtime. Before my interview with Williams I took a look at some of his tape and I noticed his instincts in coverage and his ability to come downhill and deliver big hits. I figured from this that he most likely played multiple positions during his high school and college career’s so I made it a point to ask him that as well as what he thought his best ability was on the field. The answers to both were interchangeable as he told me he’s played safety, running back, both the slot and on the outside as a corner, joker, as well as linebacker throughout his college and high school career’s. He followed up by saying his best ability on the field was playing multiple positions and making an impact anywhere on the field whether its single high, in the box or covering on the outside and he felt he can play anywhere at the next level, similarly to Chauncey Gardner Johnson of the Saints. 

At the end of the interview I asked him who was his favorite player(s) right now, and he responded Tyrann Mathieu and Quandre Diggs. I thought it was cool he mentioned Quandre Diggs because not a lot of people mention him and I love underdogs. He responded by saying he loves being in the lab and watching tape and he had spend time watching Diggs and he feels they play the same brand of ball and have similar size. Immediately when he told me he loves watching film I was a fan of his. Half of the battle to becoming successful is being knowledgeable about what you see on the field and in the moment and film is where you accomplish that. I came away from this interview a fan of Darius Williams, he’s an intelligent guy who loves the game and being in the film room looking to improve. While there’s limited tape available on him, from what I saw he possesses very good instincts in coverage with his ability to read the quarterbacks eyes and feel where the throw is going, he’s also is very good getting downhill and putting a shoulder in someone’s chest. I like Williams’s ability in center field in coverage or in the box, or even in the slot in certain situations, his love of the game and desire to want to be in the film room will set him apart from a lot of guys and will impress gm’s and coaches. With the Eagles letting go of Malcolm Jenkins last week the Eagles are very much in need of safety help, and with them being thin in every area of the secondary an instinctual/versatile player like Darius Williams would be a great addition to the team and they should without a doubt consider drafting him come late April. 

The Eagles NEED to Give Wentz Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson- WR, Minnesota

Instagram: prospect_breakdown

With Amari Cooper signing back with Dallas on a hefty multi-year deal, an already weak receiver market has the Eagles at a stand still. They were rumored to have a good amount of interest in free agent receiver Robby Anderson, but Anderson’s desired 15 million annually has turned every team off at this point and Anderson will have no choice but to lower his asking price eventually. Once he comes down on his price he could very well sign with the Eagles, but either way I think it’s likely the Eagles come out of the draft with two receivers. 

With the Eagles newly acquiring the former disgruntled Lions cornerback Darius Slay, which was a solid move for a corner hungry team, the Eagles will most likely draft a receiver with their first round pick. Whether it be Justin Jefferson, Brandon Aiyuk, Tee Higgins, Denzel Mims or even trading up for Henry Ruggs, it’s seems like the Eagles will take a receiver at some point. A guy I really like in this draft that I think will ultimately go on day three is Minnesota wide out Tyler Johnson. Tyler Johnson is not the fastest, the best route runner or the most dangerous receiver in open field in this draft but he’s very solid in all areas and checks just about every box when evaluating a receiver. 

Tyler Johnson has put up major production in the past two years. In 2018 Johnson hauled in 78 receptions for 1,169 yards, averaged 15 yards per catch and caught 12 touchdowns. In 2019 Johnson had 86 receptions for 1,318 yards, averaged 15.3 yards per catch and caught 13 touchdowns. Johnson has shown his reliability as a receiver in the past two seasons, eclipsing 75+ receptions and 1,000+ yards both years. While he showed a few concentration drops this past year, he still has very good hands overall and showed great concentration hauling in a handful of circus catches in which the ball had been deflected. Johnson is also good at attacking balls at the highest point and hauling in catches in traffic. Johnson is measured to be about 6’2, but with his limited speed and quickness he played almost every snap in the slot at Minnesota and I think that will be his natural position in the league as well. 

I think with development in his route running and more physically Johnson could move outside down the road but his natural position to start should be the slot. I know Johnson doesn’t possess great short area quickness and elite playmaking ability in space but his production speaks for itself, he’s reliable and racks up a ton of catches, I view him as a bigger version of Jarvis Landry. Johnson’s shortcomings in flashy areas has caused him to be largely overlooked which is why he will most likely go day three but I personally love the guys reliability. Johnson is a pass catching machine that will ultimately go down as a steal for someone in the later rounds, if he’s there for the Eagles in the third or fourth round I think it would be a great value pick for them giving Wentz a reliable target who will catch 70+ balls a year. If they can nab a Justin Jefferson or Denzel Mims early and come get Johnson day three those would be two EXCELLENT additions for them and would set them up very nicely for the future. 

Could Antoine Winfield Jr Fall into the Eagles Laps?

Antoine Winfield Jr- Safety, Minnesota

Instagram: prospect_breakdown

Without a doubt the Philadelphia Eagles will spend the 21st pick in the 2020 draft on wide receiver or cornerback. Their wide receiver group is completely diminished with talent and players that can remain healthy and their cornerback room is riddled with question marks. But what about after the 21st pick? Do they go receiver in round one and corner in round two? Or vice versa? What about just going best player available? 

Antoine Winfield Jr. He may not be a receiver or cornerback but he will most certainly be the best player available(If still on the board) and will most certainly boost the secondary tremendously. In 2019 Winfield played in 12 games, recorded 58 solo tackles, 25 assisted, 83 total, 3.5 tackles for loss, 3 sacks, 7 Int’s and one TD. Antoine Winfield shows very good instincts in both dissecting where the ball will be thrown and making a play on the ball and also coming down hill quickly and stuffing the run. In my opinion I think Winfield could either play free or strong safety at the next level, but I think he’d be more productive as a strong safety lurking around the line ready to make a play on the ball because of his instincts and sure tackling ability, but I do think mixing him in coverage would be a wise ideal to maximize his abilities. 

After a fantastic combine performance by Winfield there’s been more recognition from people about Winfield and I’m sure his draft stock rose significantly since then. What put people to sleep before the combine I think was his injury history in college, he suffered season ending injuries early in each or the previous two seasons causing teams to question his durability. I personally love Winfield’s game and think he’s the second best safety in this years class. With Malcolm Jenkins getting older and a likely possibility of his departure from the team in the distant future the Eagles could very well look to select a safety in this draft and given Winfield’s injury history there’s a chance he could fall to day two or even three and if he’s there for the Eagles in round two they should strongly consider taking him. I think Antoine Winfield Jr has all pro and pro bowl potential and he’s one of my sleepers this year and could be a steal for someone.