Reason Why Doc Rivers will be Successful with the sixers.

Doc Rivers is a veteran coach how many people look at as one of the best coaches in the league. After his suprise departure from the LA Clippers. The Sixers Quickly Targeted him and signed his to a 5 year deal. Doc is being held to high expectations this year and he knows it so here’s why I think he will live up to the expectations and Succeed with the 76ers.

  1. Coaching Experience

The 76ers young squad is building experience but a coach like Rivers has the experience this team needs in big time situations. His Playoff experience speaks for itself he has made the playoffs 6 of the last 7 years and has had some success when being there so I am very confident in his experience. Doc has also been a coach for 21 seasons so his experience is really good. He also has an NBA Championship to add to his resume’.

2. Highly Respected

Doc Rivers is highly respected by alot of coaches, owners, and players so I expect the 76ers players to do the same. Teams around the league will respect us more because of the respect teams have for Doc Rivers more than they have for Brett Brown as a coach. This young team will respect Doc Rivers and that will help the team Succeed in the future.

3. He is a good fit

Doc Rivers is a good fit for us in many ways. First off one of the things about this team is that we have alot of different personalities and Doc Rivers has dealt with that in Boston and LA with the Big 3 in Boston and the Lob City era in LA so he has dealt with alot of personality. Also the 76ers have a team with size and dominant big men he has also dealt that with Kevin Garnett, Deandre Jordan, and Blake Griffin so I am confident he can use Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons to their strengths

Things we need to do to stop the washington pass rush

So with week 1 coming up the eagles are clear favorites against their division opponent washington. But one way washington could succeed is by rushing the passer so the eagles need to make sure to limit that.

#1 Wentz’s Mobility

Carson Wentz is a very talented QB and on of the things that makes his good is his mobility. Against this good washington D line he needs to do that. When he needs to he has to escape the pocket and get key sacks. We also should run alot of play actions with him rolling out if the pocket to keep the defense guessing and keep them off balance. So if the eagles want to make sure that washington doesn’t get pressure this is one of the things we need to do.

#2 Good O line blocking

I mean, this is obvious with lane Johnson being questionable we need guys like Jason Kelce, and Peters to step up big time our two tackle positions needs to protect Wentz’s blindside and the Right guard has to give Wentz at least 3 seconds to drop back and read the defense. If this offensive line gives wentz enough time to read the defense the eagles can really be in control the game

3 Establish the run game

if the eagles wanna limit the pass rush they have to establish the run. They have to take advantage of the fact that washington was the second worst run defense last year. And if we establish the run that will open up the play action and play action will keep the defense guessing and will open up the pass game and give the offensive line more and more confidence so establishing the run could be very important this game .


So as we waited 8 Months for Eagles Football this team will look way different than they did in past years. But one thing that’s the same about this season is that week 1 we play none other than Washington . So I’m gonna give you three reasons why the Eagles will come out of week 1 Victorious.

#1 Washington lack of weapons on offense

This Washington team has a great defense but on offense I’m not so sure. With a year 2 QB in Dwyane Haskins we don’t know how good he will be, if he is even gonna be good at all. They have a good WR in Terry Mclaurin but that’s about it. Their number 2 receiver steven sims has not been all that good. Their RB1 J.D Mckissick has been a journey men for his whole career, barely making rosters and being in practice squads. Now all of a sudden he is the number 1 running back in washington. The lack of weapons on offense for washington should benefit the eagles and should be a big reason the eagles will win week 1.

#2 Offensive line

In the 2018 off-season a report came out saying that Trent williams was unhappy in washington and wanted to leave. Well sure enough in the 2020 off season he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers. So losing their best offensive linemen doesn’t help that your o line isn’t that good already and it just got worst. Their best offensive linemen is Brandon Scherff an that’s about it. Their second best offensive linemen is an very old donald penn who is no longer in his prime. And with the eagles having one of the best defensive lines in the league featuring Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, and the newly added Javon Hargrave this could be a nightmare for Dwyane Haskins.

#3 New Coaching

Now if you watch Football you know how first year coaches are never successful. Ron Rivera is a good coach but this is his first year and his roster is not that talented to begin with. His first year will be even harder because of the lack of preseason and minicamp or OTA’s. So he has to adjust to a new team with limited off-season workouts and he has to deal with a second year Quarter back who needs to have a good year and in order for him to do that coaching had to help. Ron Rivera has a tuff task in his first year but who knows maybe he can be like Green Bay Packers Coach Matt Lefluer and be successful in his very first year but only time will tell .

3 Sleepers On The Eagles Secondary

1.Rodney McLeod

Eagles Saftey Rodney McLeod has been with the team since 2016 and now he is playing with 1 year left on the deal and he has something to Prove . Yes he has had good season but not really a “Break out” year like we have been waiting for. Now with Safety Malcolm Jenkins departed from Philly Rodney McLeod will be our #1 Saftey. Now he has the chance to be one of the leaders of the defense and play a key role in the defense this season. With McLeod having alot to prove this year he can really have that “Breakout” year that we would all like to see.

2. Cre’von Leblanc

Cre’von Leblanc is an interesting guy. He was a little bit of a Journey men, until he found a home in Philly. In his first Playoff game he had an interception against one of the most accurate QBs of all time, Drew Brees. So he has shown promise. His 2019/20 Season started late due to a foot injury but he eventually came back and played slot and outside corner. He had a great game against the giants week 17 to clinch the Division . I think we will rotate the defense this year and if he take advantage of his opportunities he can be a really Key part of our defense in the future

3. Avontae Maddox

Eagles CB Avontae Maddox is a very versatile corner who has played CB, Slot CB, And safety in the eagles defense and I think he is a big sleeper not just on this defense but in the league, Here’s Why. First off what alot of Defensive coordinators like is versatility just in case of injury or suspension. And he has that so you can move him anywhere in the secondary and he can be productive. Maddox in 2018 when , Jalen Mills , Ronald Darby, and Rodney McLeod was out he step up and produced he had great games and help Malcolm Jenkins carry that defense especially in the game against the LA Rams when he had a big interception to help gain momentum and win the game . Avontae Maddox is really good and as long as he stays healthy he could very well be one of the starting corners in this eagles secondary

Off-season Moves the 76erd need to do in order to be a top team


This is a move that need to happen now! He has been our coach for 7 years and all he has done was beat a 42 win Brooklyn nets. Which is not impressed because of the fact in game 4 we barely won the game. He has wasted all the championship talent we had. He has not made any adjustments when we were losing games. He has not made any good lineup adjustments at all and that’s just only a few bad things that this coach has done . This is the perfect time to fire him right after a first round sweep and bad bubble coaching

2. Trade Josh Richardson/ Al Horford

Now this is an interesting topic because Richardson has shown good games with this roster but he is not consistent. And Al Horford is our worst free agent signing in the last ten years. If we wanna clear any cap to make off season moves we have to get rid of the Al Horford contact he is overpaid and doesn’t fit the system. So we need to get rid of him for a smaller contact maybe even a bench player who can shoot the ball. Now Richardson like I said he is very inconsistent and if we can get rid of him to clear a little cap I will be fine with it maybe we can package a deal with the two players in it but it will be hard for a team to take that Horford contract

3. Fire Elton Brand

This might be a surprise but Elton Brand gets no passes either, let’s start off with the good. He has made good moves like traded for Jimmy Butler, Drafting Joel Embiid, and Signing J.J Redick. But he has made bad moves like signing Tobias Harris to a max contract, giving Al Horford 100 Million dollars, And drafting Markelle Fultz over Jayson Tatum. So with the inconsistency of his off season moves I wouldn’t mind to see him go for the better future and more consistency in the GM department

What Did The Slay And Jackson Video Really Mean

Friday afternoon a video surfaced the internet of Desean Jackson and Darius slay lining up against each other in practice . Some Eagles fans are concerned because of Darius Slay getting beat, other eagles fans are excited to see Desean Jackson win his matchup against the eagles #1 corner back.

So should eagles fans should be concerned for Slay or exited for Jackson? As some eagles fans may be concerned you actually should be exited for Desean Jackson as he is 100 percent healthy and still has good speed for his age. Also eagles fans have to understand that this is one of Slay’s First Practice as an eagle so he still needs to get comfortable in the locker room and learn the defensive playbook . So eagles fans shouldn’t be concerned because Desean is back and healthy and Slay is still learning the Jim Schwartz defensive Scheme again because Schwartz was his coach in Slay’s rookie year but it has been 7 years since the two was in Detroit together.

So What does the video actually mean? It means that Slay is getting challenged by his teammates to take on one of the best receivers on the team and he took the challenge and now he will get better at defending the deep ball and continue to learn this defense. Now what does this mean for Jackson? Well after seeing that Jackson should continue to gain that confidence, stay healthy and continue to gain chemistry with QB Carson Wentz. So eagles fans shouldn’t be concerned as we are a month away from kickoff against the Washington Football Team



The 76ers head coach Brett Brown has been all Philly fans most hated guy in Philly sports this year. This Disappointing season by the 76ers has been a big part of bad coaching and coach Brett Brown has to figure something out. So before the restart head coach Brett Brown made a lineup change that caught the attention of all Philly Sports fans, that change was moving Ben Simmons to Power Forward, Shake Milton to starting PG, and Sixers off-season signing Al Horford to the bench. After 2 Games of the restart the 76ers have given up 53 points to Pacers Gaurd T.J Warren and 30 to Spurs Forward DeMar DeRozan, so is this lineup change really working ?So with 2 weeks away until the NBA Playoffs the 76ers coaching needs to figure out a good strategy to help the 76ers make a deep run.

2. Chemistry

So Chemistry has also been a big part of the 76ers underachieving season. And it also doesn’t help that Sixers off-season signing Al Horford Said in a press conference that the team has been having locker room problems . It has been clear that superstar center Joel Embiid and star G/F Ben Simmons has trouble getting in rhythm when on the floor together and part of that is because of chemistry . In a sport like basketball is important to have chemistry and be on the same page because that could go a long way in team success and getting in rhythm on the court. If the 76ers do not get good chemistry going by playoff time than then the 76ers lose to a team like the Miami Heat or Boston Celtics In the first round of the NBA Playoffs

Wentz, Graham, and other Eagles want a season but also want health protocols to start a season

On Sunday afternoon the eagles QB tweeted “We all want to play this season, but we all need to stay safe in order to actually have a season! It’s the for the NFL to step up and do their part so that us players can be safe at work and go play the game we love!”.

If the NFL doesn’t listen to players or take any steps in the right direction this NFL season could be in jeopardy. So with it being over 1 week away from training camp will the NFL make a health protocol to start the 2020 season, will they postpone it, or will they go into training camp with no health plan those questions are yet still not answered by the NFL