6ers keep on rolling after back to back sweep of Celtics

We’re so used to understanding the 76ers. At least in the last recent years, a team loaded with talent overpaying extensively for contracts a coach in Brett brown who many believe didn’t have the slightest clue how to coach his team. Now just 16 games into the season the team holds an 11-5 record and the top seed in the Eastern Conference lead on the court by Joel Embid who on paper is having his best career start so far. Not only is Embid off to a thunderous start Tobias Harris and Seth curry have been lightning it up particularly from deep range as Harris notched 23 in The 6ers last win and Curry tallied 15. The team shot 55% in their second of two against Boston. It’s rather early in the season to plan playoff parties, especially when talking about the 76ers. But these 76ers seem like the chemistry and on-court consistency/direction the team desperately lacked the last few seasons may have turned a corner. The team core has a few seasons together that being Embid and Simmons but the team also is doing their best to transition their new signings, dealing with an injured roster earlier this year and safety protocol distractions. And of course who could forget New coach Doc Rivers whose resume is well respected as one of the best coaches in the league. The 76ers will make their way to Detroit Saturday night to take on a struggling Pistons team(3-12) as the 76ers will look for their third consecutive win. Joel Embid is unlikely and expected to rest with load management.


Eagles can Pederson after abysmal 4-11-1 season and extremely soured relationship with Carson Wentz

Imagine there’s a crowd of people each pointing their finger in a different direction when asked of wrongdoing and whose to be responsible. The Eagles fired Doug Pederson following an awful season (4-11-1)and an extremely dramatic decline in the level of play from golden boy Carson Wentz which resulted in Carson’s benching after a week In doing so the relationship between both Wentz and Peterson continued to sour and (owner) Jeffrey Lurie has made it very keen that despite the drop-off, the team has, was and most likely will to continue to be on board the Carson Wentz train. Doug Pederson couldn’t fix Wentz and Wentz couldn’t fix Pederson, tomato, tomato. After all The Eagles have invested way too much in Carson Wentz to have it backfire. No of course we’re smart enough to know Carson Wentz may sometimes get a Raw deal. After all the organization has failed to load up on the right tools and talent for any quarterback to thrive. In came Jalen hurts with a great performance in his slime-green rookie debut upsetting the Saints. Despite a 1-3 record as a starter Jalen Hurts showed some upside but I think most know it wasn’t enough to put Wentz’s job in jeopardy. It came off as Wentz or Pederson and coming off of a 4-11-1 season it only added fuel to the fire en route to the firing of Doug Pederson as the Eagles now look for a head coach and a lot of other answers heading into next season.

EAGLES VS PACKERS GAME REVIEW“The Jalen Hurts experiment”

More times than not when a team loses consistently with no signs of improvement the first finger pointed is towards the quarterback.

Or in the case of the Philadelphia Eagles, it can be many fingers pointed in many different directions.

The Eagles rolled into Sunday or should I say limped sporting a 3-7 record,

Carson Wentz leading the league with interceptions at 15, sacked an abysmal 50 times so far this season, so what do you get when you combine awful o line protection, a lack of Wr star power, and poor play calling?

And on the other side of the field stood Aaron Rodgers who has been no Qb to mess with this season, leading the league in TD passes and a stellar QBR of 84.6.

It was a rather quiet 1st quarter with the Eagles mustering up just an FG for a 3-0 lead.

Two TD passes from Rodgers gave Green Bay a 14-3 lead at the half and just a lone TD pass stretched that lead to 20-3 at the end of the 3rd. That’s when the Eagles decided to put in Rookie draft pick Jalen hurts because at that point why not right? After all, despite sporting an awful 3-8 record this Eagles team can still make the playoffs. Only in the Nfc east is the impossible possible. A td pass and special teams play for the Eagles and just like that, it was a 23-16 game. A 77 yd run from Aaron Jones sealed the deal for Green Bay giving them a 30-16 win.

Philly announced this week they plan to start Jalen Hurts next week against New Orleans. Think of it this way Eagles fans whether your pro-Carson Wentz or Can’t stand the sight of him the team is 3-8 trending downwards fast despite still mathematically being in contention the way the Giants And Washington have been playing you shouldn’t have any reason to believe you have a playoff shot. So does Jalen’s hurts throw for 300 on Sunday and four TDS en route to an upset against a Taysom Hill lead Saints team, highly unlikely. But let Jalen hurts get his feet wet and experience life as an NFL quarterback, maybe address your problems at the end of the season because this one is long gone. It’s always sunny in Philadelphia but it seems like it’s been a little cloudy lately for the Eagles!

Giants Vs Eagles week 10 game review, Eagles without wings

The goal in every football game is simple, win, but if you’ve watched any NFC East team play this year you’d think otherwise. Despite a year of bad and ugly play the Eagles(3-5-1) currently hold the division title, meaning they would host a wildcard team in the first round of the playoffs had the season ended today. but then again maybe every NFC East’s team season has already ended at least in most divisions. Only in the NFC East can a 3-7 team have a viable shot to win the division. The giants and Eagles met Sunday for the 2nd matchup of the season, with the Eagles edging out the first one a few weeks back in Philly.

Unlike the first game in which these two met The Giants controlled almost all aspects of this one. Miles sanders made his return to the Eagles but he didn’t exactly get the number of touches most had expected, despite that he was able to get 85. Carson Wentz failed to throw for a touchdown Sunday as he continues the unpredictable roller coaster of a season as the Eagles were able to only muster up an FG in the first two quarters with the Giants leading 14-3 at Half. The Eagles were able to muster two touchdowns in the 3rd quarter with the Giants adding one of their own.

The 4th quarter was relatively quiet with just two field goals from the giants propelling them to a 27-17 victory. Daniel Jones seemed to have no problem connecting Sunday,21-28 with 244 yards, he also added 64 yards on the ground and a rushing TD as well. The Giants head to their bye week which may be something they don’t want considering the momentum the team is starting to build. The Eagles on the other hand will look to get something just anything going as they head to Cleveland next week to play a talented but very inconsistent Browns team. Regardless, from a Bird’s eye view despite sporting a 3-7 record it looks like the New York Giants have the most going for them and pending this level of play continues for them a nice run and even an ugly record of 7-9 or even 6-10 could shockingly result in a division title/playoff berth and better yet a home playoff game! Washington knows a good defense wins games the only problem is they have to know scoring points does also, efficiently. The Cowboys have not been the same since Prescott win down with an awful leg injury and the Eagles well, they just don’t seem to fly without wings.

Second Half Sorrows,Eagles vs Rams week 2 Recap

Eagles vs Rams week 2 full recap

Once again The Philadelphia Eagles who were outplayed mostly in the first half against Jared Goff and the La Rams were able to nod the score at 21-16 just before halftime Sunday as the team was down 21-3 at one point. Similar to the opener against Washington in which the team surrendered 27 unanswered pointers after having a 17-0 lead, the Eagles got worse as the game went on. At the end of the 3rd quarter, the score was 24-16 La. A field goal from Jake Elliot would push the Eagles closer 24-19 and that was as close as they would get Sunday to their first win of the season. The Rams followed with 2 touchdowns en route to a 37-19 victory over the Eagles. Now surely this game wasn’t nearly as bad as the opener collapse against Washington but an 0-2 start has a large majority of Eagles fans rattled and looking for answers. But there are always 2 sides to every story so let’s look at the bright one for the Eagles. Miles sanders made his season debut Sunday and looked rather good running the ball(20 carries,95yds, TD) Desean Jackson as well caught a couple of balls for 6 receptions and 64 yards, and then of course there’s Carson Wentz who looked awful Sunday with a stat line of 26-43 242 yards and 2 interceptions and a car less than 40 Sunday. So what’s next for the Eagles? A lot of fans are prematurely taking a breather for next weekend’s game, but even next weekend is no guarantee. If we’ve learned anything from this Eagles team this will most likely be a season of some ups, twists, turns, and a lot of downs. The team stays put in Philly to host Joe Burrow and the Bengals next weekend. Despite(Cincinnati) 0-2, Mr. Burrow has looked rather nice so far in his short stint in the NFL. The team is coming off of an offensive battle they lost to Cleveland. Mixon had a tough time running the ball last week forcing Burrow to throw an unreasonable amount of football last week. 61 to be exact. The Eagles shut down the run quite well and Burrow might be in for a difficult game. One thing is for sure the Eagles can’t certainly let their guard down against a Cincinnati because most will agree it would be in the Eagles best interest to nod their first win next weekend because following next weekend the team faces a daunting schedule of three consecutive games against much more skilled teams. (the Eagles) following their match up with Cincinnati the team will travel to San Francisco, then Pittsburgh, then comes back home against Baltimore and the Eagles will most likely not have their way in a few of those games. So while many Eagles fans panic, it would be in the teams best interest to come out with a win next Sunday. Usually, the 31st of October is the scariest day of the month but if the Eagles do not start winning every October Sunday will be just as scary.

Good, bad, then ugly NFL week one full recap : Eagles vs Washington

It would have probably been in Carson Wentz’s
Best interest if he filed for a restraining order against Washington’s defense Sunday evening. The panic button wasn’t hit at least for most of Sunday as an Eagles Fan. After a 17-0 lead by Philadelphia cut to 17-7 at half the Eagles were playing solid football, then the second half came. Carson Wentz was harassed all day long by the Washington Pass rush as the(Washington) team notched a combined 8 sacks and of course hyped up rookie 2nd overall draft pick Chase Young had some to do with that. After all, you didn’t think he would take long making a name for himself in the NFL did you? Chase young notched 1.5 sacks in his NFL debut. After a quiet 3rd quarter which resulted in just a touchdown by Washington, the score was 17-14.as a side note despite the loss of Zach Ertz in this game Philadelphia is gifted with one of the best Te duos in the league as Godert finished with 8 receptions 101 yards and a touchdown. Then the 4th quarter is where it got ugly. Washington scored 13 in the 4th quarter and it propelled them to a 27-17 comeback victory against Philadelphia. Leading some to think maybe it would have been better off if they stayed in the Locker Room at half time or maybe Chase young will be a massive spark plug for a franchise that has little to no expectations this coming season. It’s way too earlier for Eagles fans to hit the panic button, for now, their best bet will probably just have to assume it was just a bad Sunday. Philly travels home to host the La Rams next week while Washington travels to Arizona to take on Kyler Murray and the Cardinals.

The Philadelphia Flyers, The right team in the right place at the wrong time

For far too long the Flyers have just been there. Never a problem making the playoffs, But always a problem making noise once they are there. The Flyers finished 41-21 this year with 89 points and had strong confidence behind young star goalie Carter Hart. The coronavirus pandemic gave the NHL an alternate situation in their resumption of the league as they announced Qualifying Rounds and a Round Robbin tournament. The Flyers annihilated the Round Robin tournament blasting the Eastern Conference on a 4-0 record. This put them in a position to “in theory” play the worst remaining team to win the Qualifying Round which happened to be the Montreal Canadians. Outside of a game 2 slip up the Habs never really belonged against the Flyers as (Philly) punched their ticket to the second round in 6 games. Then at that moment, they were really tested. An Islanders team that finished much lower in the seeding caught fire at the right time and sometimes that’s all it takes. While in theory the series (the Flyers) were sent packing went 7 games it felt New York was far ahead of Philly almost every minute. Through 4 games The Islanders were dominating with a 3-1 lead. It seemed every goal the Flyers made the Islanders matched and for the first time, Carter Hart and the Flyers looked vulnerable. The Flyers fought with their life and won back to back games in overtime to nod the series up and force a series-deciding game 7. In the most important game of the season, the Flyers failed to show up. From puck drop to the final horn the Islanders controlled all aspects of the game and won 4-0. In all honesty, it’s easy for Flyers fans to be upset but I believe exactly what most do, The Islanders are on a warpath and unfortunately, this very good Flyers team was standing like a deer in headlights on the tracks. Just remember the right team, right place, wrong time.

The Philadelphia 76ers, Where are they when you need them the most?

What once was a team full of lost hope , terrible seasons and a disconnected fanbase was rebuilt into what on paper should be one of the leagues best teams , however it’s a new year but the same problem in Philadelphia remains. That problem being what a Philadelphia team can do when it matters the most. No disrespect granted the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles miracle SUPERBOWL run , but outside of that it’s been quite a while. This 76ers Team reminds me quite a lot of The Dallas Cowboys ,a SUPERBOWL contender on paper but on game day and high pressure moments folds like a lawn chair after a picnic. The 76ers post season misery continued as they were swept last week in the First Round of the NBA Playoffs by The Boston Celtics. Granted this 76ers team was without the likes of Ben Simmons, with or without they most likely were not winning anyway. But the team never seemed to gel at all, all series. You would figure they could squeeze one by these Boston Celtics but no the 76ers laid down and gave Boston the floor for four games. And if anyone is to blame the 76ers want Brett Brown long gone .Brown still has 2 years left on his coaching contract, but after 400 million dollars spent in the offseason and a team geared for playoff success the 76ers never made it to a conference final under Brett Brown.This major blow of a first round sweep was a wake up call not only for 76ers fans but The front office as well . As of this writing, the 76ers have parted ways with Head coach Brett Brown. They will now have the task of finding a new head coach prior to next season, A hopeful Tobias Harris looked like he saw ghosts never connecting with his jump shot like he did in L.A. The 76ers remind me a lot of a brand new car being recalled by the company. It has a lot of nice features but problems that can’t be explained. An All Star roster with no chemistry. But after all these 76ers fans are expected to “Trust The Process” but is this really a process that’s trustworthy?

Carson Wentz’s value and outlook for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2020

Seldom too often we tend to give the “ your excused card” to an NFL Quarterback . But if any Quarterback deserved it in 2019 it had to be Carson Wentz. Going into the 2019 Season the Eagles and their fans had high expectations for a lethal offense and at the snap of a finger their entire receiving core was ravaged with injuries, putting Carson Wentz into an extremely difficult position. Not only Carson but putting extraordinary stress on the run game, All the respect but Miles Sanders was just a baby(rookie)

Come mid season the Eagles were in quite the slump (losing 2 of 4 in October and 3 of 4 in November,2-5 total)but December brought out a better version of Miles Sanders and a consistent Wentz as they ended the season on a 4 game win streak. They ultimately lost in the first round of the playoffs and sooner rather then later the injury bug caught Carson Wentz yet again, suffering a concussion early in the first quarter. But when it’s all said and done a quarterback without his Receivers is like peanut butter without jelly, it just can’t happen.The Eagles will look for health from Carson Wentz and most importantly a Receiving core that can stay on the field, along with some key additions to this teams defense there’s no reason to believe an NFC East Division title is unattainable in 2020,no matter how much those dirty Cowboys are hyped up again !