Eagles vs. Cowboys: Who Wins?

Philadelphia Eagles versus the Dallas Cowboys: a classic rivalry of the NFC East. The Eagles clinched the NFC East with the win against the New York Giants. The Dallas Cowboys were not able to get offense nor defense moving last Sunday against the Washington Football Team. With Dak Prescott and Andy Dalton out for the Cowboys, I don’t think anyone can expect much from the Cowboys but running. But things aren’t much better for the Eagles either, with Alshon Jeffery, Miles Sanders, Lane Johnson, and Zach Ertz out for week 8, we cannot expect much with their offense either, and all those injuries were just on offense! The Eagles defense has quite a bit of injuries on their defense as well, such as K’von Wallace, Vinney Curry, and Cre’von LeBlanc. The Cowboys defense is rated the worst on lineups.com. But just as much, the Philadelphia Eagles defense is also not doing well. Now, let’s talk about offense. As we have already went over, both the Eagles and Cowboys have a lot of injuries, but the Cowboys have their 3rd string quarterback starting, while Carson Wentz is still completely healthy as well as Jalen Reagor, Desean Jackson, and Jason Kelce, all very important pieces of the Eagles offense. Can the Eagles pull away this win against the Cowboys, or will they choke it? I guess we will find out tonight at 8:20 PM EST, I’m Harrison Epley, thank you for reading my article, and I will see you next time. FLY EAGLES FLY!


Sixers Bring In Sharpshooter Tyrell Terry For Interview

On September 31st, the Sixers announced that they brought in Stanfords’ sharpshooter Tyrell Terry for a workout and interview. I’ve brought up Terry before, and discussed how great he would fit into our squad, so its great that they made some initiative and brought him in. Reportedley, the communication between Terry and the Sixers were fantastic and they really got along. They really loved his skillset and what he could bring to the table, and as of now, looks like the #1 option at pick 21.

Tyrell Terry is a shooting guard from Stanford, and is an excellent shot creator ad shooter who can defend as well. The Sixers have been in need of that go-to shooting guy, and it looks like Terry could possibly fill that void. Terry had some pretty impressive stats this year, posting 14.6 points per game, 4.5 rebounds per game, 3.2 assists per game, and shot 40.8% from three. Obviously there are better prospects available, but Terry can fit very well with our roster construcution and be introduced immediately in the rotation. With fantastic facilitaters such as Shake Milton and Ben Simmons, Terry will definitely be given plenty of oppurtunities to showcase his shooting. The Sixers also hired a new coach in Doc Rivers, who can utilize his spacing and shooting especially well. If the rumors are true and the Sixers do in fact try and trade for Buddy Hield, Terry can shawdow him and develop a same type of role on the bench and produce that way for us as well. Either way, I think the Sixers hit the nail on the head when they interviewed Tyrell, and I really hope we see him in a Sixers’ jersey soon. Thanks for reading!

Things we need to do to stop the washington pass rush

So with week 1 coming up the eagles are clear favorites against their division opponent washington. But one way washington could succeed is by rushing the passer so the eagles need to make sure to limit that.

#1 Wentz’s Mobility

Carson Wentz is a very talented QB and on of the things that makes his good is his mobility. Against this good washington D line he needs to do that. When he needs to he has to escape the pocket and get key sacks. We also should run alot of play actions with him rolling out if the pocket to keep the defense guessing and keep them off balance. So if the eagles want to make sure that washington doesn’t get pressure this is one of the things we need to do.

#2 Good O line blocking

I mean, this is obvious with lane Johnson being questionable we need guys like Jason Kelce, and Peters to step up big time our two tackle positions needs to protect Wentz’s blindside and the Right guard has to give Wentz at least 3 seconds to drop back and read the defense. If this offensive line gives wentz enough time to read the defense the eagles can really be in control the game

3 Establish the run game

if the eagles wanna limit the pass rush they have to establish the run. They have to take advantage of the fact that washington was the second worst run defense last year. And if we establish the run that will open up the play action and play action will keep the defense guessing and will open up the pass game and give the offensive line more and more confidence so establishing the run could be very important this game .

2 Shooters the Sixers Must Pursue This Offseason

After a disappointing ending to the season, Elton Brand (Sixers GM) definitely has his plate full this offseason. It’s obvious what the Sixers need to take care of and that is there shooting woes. There is no go-to guy to shoot the ball after the loss of JJ Redick, and the Sixers have struggled shooting the ball ever since. Here’s two automatic free agent snipers who would improve the team’s overall shooting immensely.

  • Joe Harris, Brooklyn Nets

Joe Harris is an excellent shooter off the catch and off the dribble. He was easily Brooklyn’s best shooter this year, shooting 42.4 from 3. He is probably the most realistic signing this offseason, and the Sixers could definitely sign him for cheap. The Nets sound like they want to contain Harris, but if Elton is aggressive like he’s known to be, Harris could be a viable option and maybe a likely one.

  • Davis Bertans, Washington Wizards

Another awesome option that we should look into is 3 and D Davis Bertans. Bertans prove this season he can shoot the ball very efficiently and play complimenting defense as well, and had a fantastic season. Without Wall, Davis was an excellent shooter and in the starting lineup this year, shooting 42.5 from 3 this year. However, unlike Harris, Bertans will be harder to acquire, as many teams who can pay him a lot of money are interested in acquiring him this offseason, so Elton will have to work extra hard if he wants to try and sign Davis. Nonetheless, he’d be a phenomenal signing and would boost our bench production instantly.


So as we waited 8 Months for Eagles Football this team will look way different than they did in past years. But one thing that’s the same about this season is that week 1 we play none other than Washington . So I’m gonna give you three reasons why the Eagles will come out of week 1 Victorious.

#1 Washington lack of weapons on offense

This Washington team has a great defense but on offense I’m not so sure. With a year 2 QB in Dwyane Haskins we don’t know how good he will be, if he is even gonna be good at all. They have a good WR in Terry Mclaurin but that’s about it. Their number 2 receiver steven sims has not been all that good. Their RB1 J.D Mckissick has been a journey men for his whole career, barely making rosters and being in practice squads. Now all of a sudden he is the number 1 running back in washington. The lack of weapons on offense for washington should benefit the eagles and should be a big reason the eagles will win week 1.

#2 Offensive line

In the 2018 off-season a report came out saying that Trent williams was unhappy in washington and wanted to leave. Well sure enough in the 2020 off season he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers. So losing their best offensive linemen doesn’t help that your o line isn’t that good already and it just got worst. Their best offensive linemen is Brandon Scherff an that’s about it. Their second best offensive linemen is an very old donald penn who is no longer in his prime. And with the eagles having one of the best defensive lines in the league featuring Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, and the newly added Javon Hargrave this could be a nightmare for Dwyane Haskins.

#3 New Coaching

Now if you watch Football you know how first year coaches are never successful. Ron Rivera is a good coach but this is his first year and his roster is not that talented to begin with. His first year will be even harder because of the lack of preseason and minicamp or OTA’s. So he has to adjust to a new team with limited off-season workouts and he has to deal with a second year Quarter back who needs to have a good year and in order for him to do that coaching had to help. Ron Rivera has a tuff task in his first year but who knows maybe he can be like Green Bay Packers Coach Matt Lefluer and be successful in his very first year but only time will tell .

The Philadelphia Flyers, The right team in the right place at the wrong time

For far too long the Flyers have just been there. Never a problem making the playoffs, But always a problem making noise once they are there. The Flyers finished 41-21 this year with 89 points and had strong confidence behind young star goalie Carter Hart. The coronavirus pandemic gave the NHL an alternate situation in their resumption of the league as they announced Qualifying Rounds and a Round Robbin tournament. The Flyers annihilated the Round Robin tournament blasting the Eastern Conference on a 4-0 record. This put them in a position to “in theory” play the worst remaining team to win the Qualifying Round which happened to be the Montreal Canadians. Outside of a game 2 slip up the Habs never really belonged against the Flyers as (Philly) punched their ticket to the second round in 6 games. Then at that moment, they were really tested. An Islanders team that finished much lower in the seeding caught fire at the right time and sometimes that’s all it takes. While in theory the series (the Flyers) were sent packing went 7 games it felt New York was far ahead of Philly almost every minute. Through 4 games The Islanders were dominating with a 3-1 lead. It seemed every goal the Flyers made the Islanders matched and for the first time, Carter Hart and the Flyers looked vulnerable. The Flyers fought with their life and won back to back games in overtime to nod the series up and force a series-deciding game 7. In the most important game of the season, the Flyers failed to show up. From puck drop to the final horn the Islanders controlled all aspects of the game and won 4-0. In all honesty, it’s easy for Flyers fans to be upset but I believe exactly what most do, The Islanders are on a warpath and unfortunately, this very good Flyers team was standing like a deer in headlights on the tracks. Just remember the right team, right place, wrong time.

Three Eagles That Could Surprise

  1. DB Jalen Mills

Eagles drafted Mills out of LSU in the 7th-round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He played a lot of safety at college and some cornerback. He started his NFL career as a corner and has been up and down. Has had some really good games, and some really bad games. Eagles re-signed Jalen Mills to a one-year deal this past offseason and will spend his fifth NFL season as the team’s starting safety to replace Malcolm Jenkins. This could turn out a lot better then people think. Jalen Mills should have been playing safety a long time ago. His strengths would make him a lot better safety than corner. First he is solid in zone coverage. One on one vs some of the quickest route runners in the game in press man was not his play style. Another strength by Mills is he is a very good run defender. He has easily been the Eagles best tackling cornerback since he joined the Eagles in 2016. Jalen Mills played one game at safety in his career and it was this past 2019 season and he played really well. He was playing the run really well and was taking a lot of Brady’s check-down options out of the way. Brady struggled throughout the game and Mills played a big role in that. He could end up being a very good starting safety in the NFL

2. WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside

JJ Arcega-Whiteside was one of two of the Eagles’ second round pick in 2019 (the other being star RB Miles Sanders). To put it short, his rookie year was a disaster. Sometimes did not know the routes, could never get separation, and had bricks for hands. He dropped a potential game-winning touchdown Week 3 against the Lions on a beautiful 4th down play by Carson Wentz. He finished his rookie year with just 10 catches 169 yards and 1 touchdown. Not much to like from his rookie season. It was tough year despite being given the opportunity to step up with the Eagles’ entire roster basically being hurt. A lot of reports out of camp are saying JJ has been a completely different player. He is healthier, stronger, faster, catching more passes, playing smarter, and developing good chemistry with Carson Wentz. Eagles will start the season with multiple injuries at the Wide Receiver position, JJ Arcega-Whiteside has a great opportunity early in 2020 to show he can have a breakout season.

3. LB Nate Gerry

The Eagles’ LB group on paper looks like a disaster. But, people don’t know the name Nate Gerry. He was drafted in the fifth round back in 2017 out of Wisconsin as a safety. Eagles moved him to Linebacker and he has slowly developed into a solid Linebacker, and is poised to have a breakout season. Being a former safety, Gerry has very good coverage ability for a Linebacker, he can keep up with receivers and running backs, even tight ends. He also has showed great playmaking ability, with 3 career interceptions with only 1 year of being a starter. This past season where he finally got chances to start, he finished with 72 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and 2 interceptions, one ran back for a touchdown. He also had 5 pass deflections. Eagles started the year with their linebackers being Zach Brown and Nigel Bradham. Brown was released after Week 6 and Gerry started since. He had himself a solid year and will look to improve upon that in 2020. He has the coverage ability to be one of the better coverage linebackers in the league. The first 3 years he was learning the position. Gerry was a lot of potential and especially in a contract season, Gerry could be in for a huge breakout season and earn a new contract extension to keep as the Eagles’ starting Linebacker for the foreseeable future.

Was Jalen Reagor Worth a First Rounder?

Jalen Reagor, a former TCU Horned Frog, was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles with the 21st pick of the 2020 NFL draft. The Eagles had selected Reagor becuase Ceedee Lamb, a former Oklahoma Sooner, was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. It is no doubt that Jalen Reagor is a very good wide reciever, but was he worth the Eagles first round pick? The Philadelphia Eagles were in desperate need of a wide reciever, since all of the starters are getting injured left and right, but Reagor most likely could have waited until the 2nd round. The Eagles were also in need of linebackers, a new defensive lineman, and like I said, wide recievers. The Eagles could have snagged Patrick Queen, former LSU Tiger, in the first round, but let him go and let the Baltimore Ravens have him with the 28th pick. For the defensive lineman? The Eagles could have had Justin Madubuike, rated third best overall in defensive tackles in the 2020 NFL draft, but Madubuike was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens with the 71st overall pick. And now for the wide recievers, Jalen Reagor may not be the ground they need to kickstart this position. Reagor has proved himself in college but can he prove himself in the NFL? Will Reagor be a draft bust or will he be the best decision that Philadelphia has made in the draft? We will hopefully see on September 13th, at 1:00 PM ET, against the Washington Football Team. I’m Harrison Epley and thank you for reading my article today, I’ll see you next time on my next article.

How Concerned Should the Eagles be About Wentz’s Injury History?

Carson Wentz has suffered an injury that made his season end each of the last three seasons. In 2017, Wentz suffered a season-ending torn ACL and LCL, in 2018, he was banged up since the start and hurt his back early in the year, then sat out the last few games because of it, including the playoffs. In 2019, Wentz managed to play all 16 games, playing at an elite level the last 5, but a late hit by Jadaveon Clowney early in the playoff game caused him to miss basically the whole game with a concussion and the Eagles would go on to lose. But how concerned should the Eagles actually be?

There has been one common theme with Wentz’s injuries, they all have been on an unlucky hits. None of them have been non-contact. Even the ACL injury. Wentz’s injuries have all simply just been unlucky hits. Which in all honesty is a good sign. A lot of players who suffer ligament tears usually means they suffer it on non-contact and they can easily tear it again. Also, a lot of injury prone players have similar re-occurring injuries. For example, Robert Griffin III and Sam Bradford had constant knee problems, Andrew Luck had constant shoulder problems, and Tony Romo had many back injuries. Each of Wentz’s injuries were not related. He tore his ACL, suffered a back injury, and had a concussion. It would be a different story if he had a constant injury to the same area and if it was non-contact.

The Wentz being injury prone statement is really overblown. He is not constantly questionable every week, or have random soreness that holds him out of practice throughout the season. It is more of him suffering an unlucky hit in a game at towards the end of the year. The Eagles were smart investing high in a backup QB with Jalen Hurts, you should always be prepared, but, Wentz’s past injuries are not something that is constant. It is not a constant knee issue, back, or anything in the same spot. It normally is an unlucky hit. Getting a talented young backup with Jalen Hurts is not a bad idea because Wentz can just be straight up unlucky. The Eagles should not worry about Wentz’s injury history as much as the media says they should.

The Philadelphia 76ers, Where are they when you need them the most?

What once was a team full of lost hope , terrible seasons and a disconnected fanbase was rebuilt into what on paper should be one of the leagues best teams , however it’s a new year but the same problem in Philadelphia remains. That problem being what a Philadelphia team can do when it matters the most. No disrespect granted the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles miracle SUPERBOWL run , but outside of that it’s been quite a while. This 76ers Team reminds me quite a lot of The Dallas Cowboys ,a SUPERBOWL contender on paper but on game day and high pressure moments folds like a lawn chair after a picnic. The 76ers post season misery continued as they were swept last week in the First Round of the NBA Playoffs by The Boston Celtics. Granted this 76ers team was without the likes of Ben Simmons, with or without they most likely were not winning anyway. But the team never seemed to gel at all, all series. You would figure they could squeeze one by these Boston Celtics but no the 76ers laid down and gave Boston the floor for four games. And if anyone is to blame the 76ers want Brett Brown long gone .Brown still has 2 years left on his coaching contract, but after 400 million dollars spent in the offseason and a team geared for playoff success the 76ers never made it to a conference final under Brett Brown.This major blow of a first round sweep was a wake up call not only for 76ers fans but The front office as well . As of this writing, the 76ers have parted ways with Head coach Brett Brown. They will now have the task of finding a new head coach prior to next season, A hopeful Tobias Harris looked like he saw ghosts never connecting with his jump shot like he did in L.A. The 76ers remind me a lot of a brand new car being recalled by the company. It has a lot of nice features but problems that can’t be explained. An All Star roster with no chemistry. But after all these 76ers fans are expected to “Trust The Process” but is this really a process that’s trustworthy?