76ers vs Thunder Preview

The Philadelphia 76ers will be taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight at 7:00 PM EST! This is a very important game for the 76ers; they’re on a 4-game skid, and this is a perfect time for them to turn it around before the end of the season. There’s also a chance they get some key reinforcements back!

Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia has blown their last 4 games to the Warriors, Suns, and Bucks (twice). However, injuries have played a major role in their — quite frankly, pathetic — losing streak. As a result of the losing streak, Sixers currently hold the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference. It shouldn’t be a tough turnaround, though, as Philly has the easiest remaining schedule in the NBA, according to ESPN, while the Brooklyn Nets (who currently hold the 1st seed), have to play the Bucks (twice), Nuggets, and Mavericks.

PHI Injury Report:

  • Joel Embiid – QUESTIONABLE
  • Ben Simmons – QUESTIONABLE
  • Danny Green – QUESTIONABLE
  • Tobias Harris – QUESTIONABLE
  • Furkan Korkmaz – QUESTIONABLE
  • Paul Reed – QUESTIONABLE

Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City has been absolutely atrocious this season; they sit near the bottom of the Western Conference (13th seed; 20-40), and are in the midst of a 13-game losing streak. However, this is the youngest team in the NBA and one that is, thus, rebuilding. Thunder have also dealt with several injuries, and that doesn’t change tonight.

OKC Injury Report:

  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – OUT
  • Luguentz Dort – OUT
  • Josh Hail – OUT
  • Mike Muscala – OUT
  • Gabriel Deck – OUT
  • Tony Bradley – QUESTIONABLE

A loss tonight would be absolutely embarrassing. Whether or not we are missing 2 guys on the injury report or all of them, we’d have to try to lose this game.

Important Information for Tonight’s Game:

  • Against? – Oklahoma City Thunder
  • When? – 7:00 PM EST
  • Where? – Wells Fargo Center
  • TV? – NBCSP

Examining the Doc Rivers Hiring

The 76ers replaced Brett Brown on Thursday, signing Doc Rivers to a 5 year deal. Their coaching search included Rivers, Mike D’Antoni, Ty Lue, and Billy Donovan. Was Doc the best option to be the next coach of the 76ers? Let’s take a look.

Correct Choice?

Doc was far and away the best choice available to fill the coaching void. One of the biggest problems with Brown was that he failed to hold players accountable, and this is a strength for Doc. He can do this while still being able to have a good relationship with players. He has coached many NBA legends including Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Chris Paul, and many more, and he played in the NBA from 1984 to 1996. Rivers also has championship experience, as he coached the 2008 Celtics team that made 2 Finals appearances. The problem with Doc is that he isn’t necessarily good at making adjustments in game and in the playoffs. He deserves some blame for the Clippers’ recent choke, but certainly not all of it, as the Clips could not buy a bucket in game 7. I don’t think this will be a problem though, as the main issue with the Sixers is how their roster is constructed, which I’ll be getting to later. As I said previously, Doc was the best coach available. It was worth hiring him without making any front office changes (getting rid of Colangelo’s staff), and he is a massive upgrade even with his drawbacks.

Press Conference Takeaways

The Sixers introduced Doc on Monday to the media, and he answered a lot of questions regarding the team. First off it is safe to say that Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are untouchable this offseason. Although Doc revealed that he has a say in roster construction, he had nothing but great things to say about the two, and he mentioned them as an enticing reason to sign right away, as he was prepared to take a break from coaching. When talking about Ben and Joel, Doc said, “They’ve won 65 percent of the games that they’ve played in. It clearly works when they play together. If you’ve watched my teams, I rarely say that a guy is a 1, a 2 — I don’t get lost in the minutiae. I don’t get lost in what position guys play. I look at how many points we score as a team. I don’t care how we score. My teams have always been very good offensively, in the top five overall. And we score points, and we score points in a lot of different ways.” What’s worrisome is that Doc praised how the roster is currently constructed. If he is able to use guys like Al Horford or Tobias Harris correctly then that is fine, but I doubt Al ever fits. We’ll talk Tobias in a bit. I wouldn’t rule out any trades though, as Doc was quick to dodge questions about playing Horford and Embiid together. Second off, Doc isn’t going to force Ben to shoot, but he said that he will get guys to do what it takes to win. He definitely is going to command more respect than Brett, so I can see Simmons finally taking more jumpers, but not a large amount. A final takeaway is something I already touched on, but Doc is going to improve this offense no matter the roster changes. He mentioned wanting to increase the pace, which I am happy about considering the Sixers offense was extremely stagnant last season. He can also unlock Harris if he isn’t traded. In 87 regular season games in LA with the Clippers, Harris averaged 34.6 MPG, 20.3 PPG, 7.2 RPG, 2.9 APG, 0.9 SPG, and 0.5 BPG on 59.1 TS% and 42.6% from deep. This is significantly better than his 99 regular season games since with Philly, where he averaged 34.5 MPG, 19.2 PPG, 7.2 RPG, 3.1 APG, 0.6 SPG, 0.5 BPG on 55.8 TS% and 35.6% from 3. This drop off was mainly due to Tobias being less of a ball handler in Philly. He isn’t great off the ball, and is much more valuable with the ball in his hands, where he’s a better shooter, can get to the rim, and as Doc said, is great in the pick and roll.


Doc Rivers was certainly the best option out there to be the next coach in Philly. He will hold guys accountable for mistakes, he’s great in the locker room, and he will improve the offense, specifically Tobias if he isn’t traded. He is also very excited to be coaching Joel, Ben, Tobias, and he even had high praise for guys like Matisse Thybulle, Shake Milton, and Josh Richardson. However, he isn’t going to magically fix the problems with the Sixers, as trades that I’ve previously written about need to be made, Embiid needs to get in shape, and Ben needs to be more comfortable with taking jumpers. Doc Rivers is certainly something to be excited about, but the Sixers still have a lot of work to do.

Reason Why Doc Rivers will be Successful with the sixers.

Doc Rivers is a veteran coach how many people look at as one of the best coaches in the league. After his suprise departure from the LA Clippers. The Sixers Quickly Targeted him and signed his to a 5 year deal. Doc is being held to high expectations this year and he knows it so here’s why I think he will live up to the expectations and Succeed with the 76ers.

  1. Coaching Experience

The 76ers young squad is building experience but a coach like Rivers has the experience this team needs in big time situations. His Playoff experience speaks for itself he has made the playoffs 6 of the last 7 years and has had some success when being there so I am very confident in his experience. Doc has also been a coach for 21 seasons so his experience is really good. He also has an NBA Championship to add to his resume’.

2. Highly Respected

Doc Rivers is highly respected by alot of coaches, owners, and players so I expect the 76ers players to do the same. Teams around the league will respect us more because of the respect teams have for Doc Rivers more than they have for Brett Brown as a coach. This young team will respect Doc Rivers and that will help the team Succeed in the future.

3. He is a good fit

Doc Rivers is a good fit for us in many ways. First off one of the things about this team is that we have alot of different personalities and Doc Rivers has dealt with that in Boston and LA with the Big 3 in Boston and the Lob City era in LA so he has dealt with alot of personality. Also the 76ers have a team with size and dominant big men he has also dealt that with Kevin Garnett, Deandre Jordan, and Blake Griffin so I am confident he can use Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons to their strengths

Philadelphia Owes Jimmy Butler an Apology

When Jimmy Butler departed from Philadelphia last summer in the sign and trade that sent Josh Richardson to Philly, there was a ton of outrage from 76ers fans, as expected. I’ll even admit that I was guilty of some hate as well. Sixers fans felt betrayed by the player they had come to know and love over those 9 months or so. Immediately, Butler was called out for leaving a “winning situation” for a Miami team that was not expected to be a contender. Many fans predicted them to not even make the playoffs, while I predicted a low seed and first-round exit. Now, Butler is one game away from heading to the NBA Finals, defeating the number one seed Milwaukee Bucks, and currently up 3-2 against the Celtics, who swept the Sixers in the first round. Miami not only finished as a higher seed than the Sixers in the regular season, but Jimmy Butler was an All Star and was named to All-NBA 3rd team. He averaged 19.9 points, career highs in rebounds and assists in 6.7 and 6.0, and 1.8 steals on 58.5 TS%. Meanwhile, the Sixers got a disappointing season (an understatement) from Al Horford. Brett Brown, who is suspected to be a big reason for Butler’s departure, was just fired. Although the Heat got surprise seasons from Tyler Herro, Bam Adebayo, and Duncan Robinson, Butler arguably had a better season than any Sixers player. His clutch ability and jump shooting was a problem in the regular season, but it has come back in the playoffs. Now to the main point of the article, Sixers fans owe Jimmy an apology. Many wanted him back, including me, but as soon as he left, Sixers fans called him out and claimed that paying him would’ve been a bad move. They were clearly wrong, and the Sixers’ front office and ownership are at fault. For whatever reason, they believed that not giving Jimmy the 5th year and keeping Brett were both more important than running it back, which was a very possible scenario. Butler chose what he believed was the best place for him to win and live with his family, as he recently had a child. He didn’t owe anything to Philadelphia, and when they chose not to reward him for being the best player during the playoff run that ended in a buzzer-beating loss to the NBA champions, he made his decision. Getting rid of him is the biggest mistake that arguably any Philly sports team has made in recent memory, or even of all time. Good luck Jimmy, and go Heat.

“Wentz” Did It Go Wrong?



For those who are unaware, the Philadelphia Eagles have lost to the Washington Football team. In rather embarrassing fashion might I add, squandering a 17-0 lead. Last year it was the Eagles who came out of the tunnel after halftime and rode hot handed DJAX to a eventual comeback of their own. This year, the Eagles came out hot, and lost all steam once Jack Driscoll was removed from the game.

The negatives of this game are abundant, and positives are few and far between, but, there are a few;

Jack Driscoll- The rookie tackle had a few hiccups, none resulting in anything catastrophic and all fixable mistakes. He’s a bright spot simply because once Mailatta was forced to replace him, the drop off was VERY evident. Overall, at this point Jack Driscoll is no Lane, true. I think more importantly we know he’ll be at worst servicable down the road, pending his injury diagnosis.

Defensive Line- Realistically Washington didn’t light us up offensively, Haskins took advantage of numerous short field situations. A product of our either a interception or failed 4th down conversion. The defense held up and players like Josh Sweat and Malik Jackson made some big plays, this is huge to see as they are key contributors going forward.

Wentz and DJAX are OK- As trivial as it sounds, we have to be happy two of our “projected” key contributors stood healthy. We have to assume they will move on to week 2 eager to erase the memory of the week 1 loss.

Rams are next….Let’s just say if this offensive line isn’t in tact by then, Aaron Donald may have a field day.


Buddy Hield to Philly? Is it Realistic? How Would it Help the 76ers?

The 76ers have had reported interest in Buddy Hield for a few months now, and Buddy has also been at odds with Kings management. The Kings famously took forever to give him an extension, and when they finally gave it to him, it was much lower than expected. Kings coach Luke Walton (the NBA’s worst coach in my opinion) benched Hield this season for no apparent reason as well. Hield in my opinion should be the 76ers’ prime trade target along with Chris Paul, and let’s talk about why.

Why the 76ers Should Target Buddy Buckets

Buddy Hield would fill the shooting void left by J.J. Redick, and he would also add much needed shot creating, especially in the clutch. He can be deadly on and off the ball. Over his 4 year career, he is averaging 15.9 PPG, 4.2 RPG, 2.2 APG, 0.8 SPG, 0.3 BPG while shooting 44.1% from the field, 41.1% from 3 on 6.7 attempts per game, and 86.6% from the line. 78.2% of his 3s in his career have been assisted on, and this is why the fit with Ben Simmons would be perfect. Simmons has led the league in 3 pointers assisted on in multiple seasons. Hield would also be a great fit with Joel Embiid, as he can be a ball handler in multiple lineups. Hield is being paid $23,500,000 on average over the next 4 seasons, and the contract descends in value.

Will the Kings Accept a Sixers Package?

Trade rumors around Hield have been really quiet, and only the Sixers have been connected. An ideal package for the Sixers for Hield would be built around Al Horford, draft picks, and a throw in like Zhaire Smith. However, this seems really thin and young players like Matisse Thybulle or Shake Milton could be put in. Even Josh Richardson could be included. This seems like a terrible move from a Kings standpoint, and it is, but the Kings are historically poor in terms of decision making. They also have been at odds with Hield all season long, and if there are not many suitors, the Kings could easily settle for the Sixers package. Horford is still a veteran mentor who they had interest in last offseason. Young players and picks are also always valuable to a team like the Kings.


As I previously stated in my first article, the Sixers have little to no flexibility in terms of free agency, and their best bet is looking into the trade market. Chris Paul and Buddy Hield are their top options in my opinion. Both would improve their shooting and play in the clutch, and both fit fantastically with the Sixers’ franchise cornerstones. The Sixers are unfortunately going to have to rely on the interests of the Kings, Thunder, and other potential suitors if they want to get these deals done.

Chris Paul to Philly? Why and if it Can Happen

According to Sam Amick, the 76ers are among the teams that have interest in trading for Chris Paul this offseason. The Bucks and Lakers have reported interest as well. If this was a year ago, I would’ve opposed a trade for Chris Paul. However, let’s take a look at why the 76ers should make it happen, and if they’ll be able to.

Why the 76ers Should Target CP3

Chris Paul is coming off his first healthy season since 2015-16, where he made his last All Star appearance before this year as well. In 70 regular season games, he averaged 31.5 MPG, 17.6 PPG, 5 RPG, 6.7 APG, and 1.6 SPG while shooting 48.9% from the field, 36.5% from 3, and 90.7% from the line. He led an OKC team that many thought would be bottom feeders to the playoffs, where they just lost in 7 games to the Rockets. In the playoffs he averaged 37.3 MPG, 21.3 PPG, 7.4 RPG, 5.3 APG, and 1.6 SPG shooting 49.1% from the field, 37.2% from 3, and 88.5% from the line. He was also the leader in points in the clutch this season, on fantastic efficiency. We saw guys like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Dennis Schröder benefit from playing with Cp3. Now imagine the impact he’d have as a mentor on Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. They both could learn so much about the game itself from him and it could change their mentalities. Paul also would fit seamlessly with the two Sixers stars. He’d provide an actual option to go to in the clutch, and he’d be lethal in the pick and roll with Joel. Ideally the Sixers would trade Tobias Harris, a young player, and picks to get Paul. It would be sad to see Tobias and Tisse/Milton go, but I think that this trade would put the Sixers back into contention in the East. If Paul declines, his contract is still better than Harris’. Harris has 4 years left on his max deal, while Cp3 has 2 years left including a player option.

Will the Thunder Accept a Sixers Package?

It is unclear how willing the Thunder are to part ways with Paul. It does make a lot of sense tho, as it is unlikely that they make any improvements with Gallinari heading to free agency. Paul is also at his peak trade value, not only did he have an amazing season but he also holds a player option in 2021-22. A Sixers package may make the most sense for Sam Presti. The Lakers and Bucks lack young assets and picks, and the Lakers do not have the salaries to match. Plus, they’ll also be focusing on the impending free agency of Anthony Davis, who’s likely to stay. With that being said, a package of Tobias, Milton/Thybulle, and picks might be the best option for the Thunder. Tobias is much better when he has the ball in his hands, and can be a key player for years to come as OKC isn’t much of a free agent destination. Milton or Thybulle would be fantastic young pieces, imagine perimeter stars trying to score on Dort and Thybulle. And the picks would already build onto their massive stash of draft capital.


A Chris Paul trade is the Sixers’ best option this offseason. It would put them right back into contention and help develop Embiid and Simmons. However, it is unclear how willing both sides would be to get a deal done.

An Overview of the Philadelphia 76ers Cap Situation

Last offseason we saw the 76ers make acquisitions such as Al Horford and Josh Richardson, and also retaining Tobias Harris. This year, the 76ers have limited flexibility. According to Spotrac, the NBA salary cap is estimated to be at around $115M in 20-21, up from $109M. However, there is no telling on how COVID-19 will affect the cap. Either way, the 76ers will not be able to do much. They have the 2nd highest payroll in the league for next season at $147.42M, trailing only Golden State. Let’s take a look at the roster, specifically which contracts are able to be moved or are locks to stay.


76ers GM Elton Brand recently dismissed any trade rumors regarding Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, “Well, I’m looking to complement them better. They’re 24 and 26 years old, respectively. You try to make that fit, as long as you can. They want to be here. They want to be with our organization. And I see them here for a long, long time.” Simmons and Embiid are pretty much the only locks to stay on the roster next season. Embiid is set to make $29,542,010 next season, with 2 years left on his deal after. Simmons is going to make $29,250,000, the first season of his 5 year rookie max extension. This amount would increase if Simmons is named to an All-NBA team for this past season, but not a drastic amount that would change anything for Philly.

Possible Departures

It’s fair to say that Al Horford and Tobias Harris have 2 of the worst contracts in the NBA. Although Tobias got paid his market value, in hindsight it was never the right move to trade for him. As for Horford, his massive decrease in production, efficiency, and defensive ability has made his contract look like a joke. Tobias will make $34,358,850, his 2nd of 5 years on his new deal. Horford will go into the 2nd year of his contract, making $27,500,000. It is really hard to see many teams willing to take on either one of these contracts, not only due to performance and lack of cap space, but also due to the eventual consequences of COVID-19. I would definitely be ok with trading Horford, but I’d give Tobias another chance. Josh Richardson may need to be moved to facilitate a trade for either players. He is making $10,865,952 next season, leading up to a player option in 21-22.

Smaller Deals

The final 6 players on the roster for next season are Mike Scott, Zhaire Smith, Matisse Thybulle, Furkan Korkmaz, Shake Milton, and Norvel Pelle. Marial Shayok also is under a 2 way deal. Scott is making around $5M on a one year deal, while Thybulle and Smith are making $2.7M and $3.2M respectively. Milton, Furkan, and Pelle are all making under $2M. These players are the most traceable contracts on the roster, especially Milton, who at 24 years old is making roughly $5.6M over the next 3 seasons with a team option in the final year. It’s very likely that Richardson, Thybulle, or Milton will have to be included in a Horford deal.

Free Agency Outlook

The Sixers have 4 roster spots open this offseason and one two way spot. They also have Kyle O’Quinn, Alec Burks, Glenn Robinson III, Raul Neto, and Ryan Broekhoff hitting free agency. It’s likely that their first round pick will fill a spot, and one of their 2nd round picks will fill the remaining 2 way slot, with the rest being sold. That leaves 3 roster spots, and the Sixers will only have a $6M exception and minimum contracts. I’d personally like to see Burks back on the exception, and any of GR3, O’Quinn, and Neto back.


The Sixers are in no man’s land in terms of cap space for next season. Barring any trades, they do not have much flexibility with their roster, and it will be extremely hard to create cap space. Elton Brand has his work cut out for him as he’ll need to right the front offices’ wrongs.

76ers face the Celtics in major series

The Philadelphia 76ers are set to face the Boston Celtics tonight in Game 1 of a best of seven series. The 76ers are entering the series as the sixth seed in the East, versus the Celtics who hold the third seed. This year has been extremely disappointing for a 76ers team that had aspirations of claiming the number one seed, and moving on past the second round for the first time in the Brett Brown era. Yet, this isn’t the case. After sub-optimal performances from basically all 76ers players, especially including major off-season acquisitions Al Horford.

From championship hopes, to hope that you can win one series in the playoffs, clearly shows how flat this team came this year. Of course, entering another battle with the Boston Celtics is going to be hard enough, but the 76ers will also be without star Ben Simmons who suffered an injury during the remainder of the regular-season games. So the team who has been mediocre all season is going to be entering the playoffs without its second player, and you wonder why the fanbase’s mood is down.

This year’s playoffs have a different feel for the 76ers. No, it’s not just because they are in a bubble playing in Orlando, it feels like an end of an era. Brett Brown has been the coach of the 76ers for the past seven years. The team has not made it passed the second round of the playoffs, and have only made the playoffs a total of three years (including this one). Brown’s position was in the hot seat after another let down as the 76ers were knocked out of the playoffs by the Toronto Raptors. Brett Brown was given another chance with the 76ers this season, with some new weapons in Al Horford, and Josh Richardson. The 76ers had a returning big three of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Tobias Harris.

The mood at the beginning of the season was through the roof. Although, as I mentioned injuries, lack of development, inconsistency, and poor play riddled the 76ers this entire year. Since returning to play in Orlando, those issues weren’t resolved. Ben Simmons is injured, Joel Embiid is playing his yearly will-he-or-won’t-he-play, and the rest of the team isn’t able to rise to the next level needed to win playoff series. Brett Brown’s job is on the line, if the 76ers lose in the first round it will almost be automatic, but Brown could once again fight to see another season if the team makes a run. They won’t.

As fans, it would be unfair to bait yourself into believing that this team is going to “do the unthinkable”. Now the next step once the 76ers do the inevitable and fire Brett Brown, they will be faced with the structural change. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. The two titans of the game were supposed to bring title(s). Both the brain-children of former 76ers GM Sam Hinkie. It’s a decision that is coming for the 76ers. Of course Brett Brown will be the last-ditch to save the idea that the 76ers can work with an injury-prone center and a shotless point guard/power forward. The 76ers will try to do their best Phillies impersonation by changing coaches but not removing the root cause. Although, that’s an article for another day.

In the meantime, the 76ers will try to out-run the Boston Celtics as they can see the sun setting on the hope and future of the team. But, hey the Flyers won yesterday, so…

Expectations Have to Be High for Joel Embiid

The NBA is coming back! Today the NBA owners approved for the league to have a comeback in Orlando, Florida, by a vote of 29-1 (the only no vote was from the Portland Trail Blazers). The season will be modified with only 22 teams being brought down to the Walt Disney World Resort. The teams that will be brought down are the 16 currently placed playoff seeds (1-8 in each conference), in addition to the New Orleans Pelicans, Portland Trail Blazers, San Antonio Spurs, Sacramento Kings, Phoenix Suns, and the Washington Wizards. The 13 Western Conference teams and nine Eastern Conference teams will play eight regular-season games to round out the year. There is also a possibility of a play-in tournament for the eighth seed. The reason for more Western Conference teams is because there were more teams that fell into the requirement of being six games of eight place when the season was postponed. Other than that, the league will be its normal one through eight, each conference, best of seven series as always.

Now pertaining to the 76ers it’s going to be very interesting what these times will have meaning for the team. A positive from the hiatus is that 76ers PG Ben Simmons is going to be reportedly healed from the injury that was originally going to have him miss the rest of the regular season. The other side of it, well that’s the unknown. The 76ers were not at the top of their game before the season broke off. They were 4-4 in their last eight games and in addition, were one of the worst road teams in the NBA. Inconsistent play dropped the team down to the sixth seed, and who knows how far they could have fallen if league play continued. 

Before the season the 76ers had championship aspirations but shortly those expectations started to become dreams. The team couldn’t win on the road, Al Horford’s play was nothing that the 76ers paid for, Tobias Harris wasn’t putting up max contract numbers, Ben Simmons hadn’t developed his shot, and Joel Embiid was riddled with mediocre to bad performances. Yet, the team was still able to beat the Bucks on Christmas Day, down the Celtics on the road on Opening Night, and beat the title favorite Lakers on the way. Frustration grew high with the team with rumors about deals of Simmons or Embiid, the firing of Brett Brown, or any other possible distracting headline. 

Although with all of that the 76ers will have a chance to turn it around. Of course, I don’t know what the home vs away aspect of this neutral territory for the 76ers will be but that can’t be any excuse for this team. This team went into this season expecting to compete for a championship, this still has to be the expectation. One of the main ways that the 76ers will get to that point is on the shoulders of Joel Embiid. It’s not just that Embiid is the team’s leader but it’s because he has to show the organization and most importantly the fans that this is his team. It will have been 22 weeks and two days since the 76ers last played to the point that they will step on the court again on July 31st when the season opens up. That is a huge amount of time, which can be an issue for Joel Embiid. Dating back to Embiid’s first season reports of Joel Embiid not wearing his walking boot helped contribute to Embiid requiring surgery again forcing him to miss his second season with the team. Even from that point pictures of Joel Embiid eating fast food while warming up have drawn criticism. Yet, another example last year as Joel Embiid missed time at the end of the season due to injury but came back out of shape when the team faced the Nets last year. That mixed with illness in the Raptors series also plagued Embiid’s performance in games. 

Now Joel Embiid has had 22 weeks and 2 days without being allowed in the 76ers facility, and certainly fewer restrictions on dietary habits compared to if he was with the team. Nobody is questioning Lebron James if he is going to be ready when the season opens up, but Joel Embiid certainly hasn’t earned that confidence in my mind. This is a moment where the character and the future of Joel Embiid will be tested. If he comes back in MVP type form and is in his peak physical shape then we know that this is the player that can lead them to a championship. If not, if Embiid comes back out of shape, lackadaisical, or just not at his level, then it’s clear that he isn’t ready. I understand that COVID-19 has restricted people from going out, but let’s not kid ourselves and say that Embiid wouldn’t be able to work out that. Not just in a negative sense, but staying in shape at home is what millions of people are doing daily, you can’t use an excuse that an NBA player can’t. 

The reason for placing my attention on Embiid rather than per se Simmons is because this is Embiid’s sixth year in the NBA. Embiid’s 26 years old, it has to be expected of, not asked, that he can act like a professional athlete. For Simmons, he’s rehabbing but I still expect that same conditioning from him. Nothing in Simmon’s career makes me think that he won’t come back in his normal shape, it’s Embiid who has the track record. Again, this 76ers team was expected to make a championship run, Embiid will play a huge part in that. If he comes back out of shape, that the team has to question his ability to lead the team because this would then be three straight years so “going all in” but coming up empty-handed.