The Eagles Offensive Situation

Ben Carlson

QB: The QB situation for the Eagles is pretty straight forward. Carson Wentz will obviously lead the team as the starter as long as he is eligible to play, and Nate Sudfeld will likely back him up. The addition of Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round of the draft confused a lot; however, I am confident that Coach Pederson and Howie drafted Jalen Hurts mainly to use as a gadget player like the Saints use Taysom Hill.

RB: With the departure of Jordan Howard this offseason a lot of people are wondering what the Eagles will do to replace him for the 2020-2021 season. Their have been some big names popping up such as Carlos Hyde, Shady McCoy and Devonta Freeman. Me personally, I have a ton of faith in Miles Sanders as an RB 1; however, bringing in a vet that can help with the workload and potentially guide Miles for a year isn’t something I wouldn’t be opposed to.

WR: The front office did a great job at adding new weapons for Wentz this offseason. The additions consisted of Jalen Reagor, Marquise Goodwin, John Hightower, and Quez Watkins. Pederson and Howie were obviously going for speed and I’m all for it. I have high hopes for Jalen Reagor, I think he will have an impact from the start of the season. Marquise will be a good speed guy to have along side D-Jax. As for John Hightower and Quez Watkins, they were both good picks (especially for when we got them) and from the looks of their college tape if needed they will be ready (I really do think they are better than being just random backups but I don’t know what the front office will do about it, for we have a lot of WR on the roster) . To top that all off we still have Alshon Jeffery, Greg Ward, JJAW, Robert Davis, Deontay Burnett and Shelton Gibson

TE: The TE situation similar to the QB room is also really straight forward. We have the three headed snake from last year consisting of Zach Ertz, Dallas Goedart and Josh Perkins. I’m a big fan of our TE corp, year after year they continue to be reliable and consistent.

O-Line: As usual we still have a dominant O-Line; however, Vaitai left and is now on the Lions. A solid player and a pretty big lose, but definitely replaceable. As of right now it looks like the starting lineup will be Andre Dillard, Brandon Brooks, Jason Kelce, Isaac Seumalo and Lane Johnson. This is a lineup I’m extremely confident in despite Isaac Seumalo’s super mediocre past. The front office did make some moves this offseason to pad the line such as draft Jack Driscoll and draft Prince Tega Wanogho. Both excelled in college and were good picks in the 4th and 6th round. The main obstacle is not being able to avoid injuries, we need to stay healthy. That doesn’t go for just the O-Line, the entire roster needs to stay healthy if we want to succeed this season.

Superbowl or Bust?

Today Eagles football is set to start. The Philadelphia Eagles are having all players report to training camp today with tomorrow bring the action start of training camp. The Eagles had a very active offseason with the additions of Desean Jackson, Malik Jackson, Andre Dillard, Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders, and Jj Arcega-Whitside. With the more noticeable returns of Brandon Graham, Ronald Darby, Darren Sproles, and Rodney McLeod. The Eagles decided to spend money to bring back a good amount of veterans to keep the chemistry and system in tack. A team does that when the belief that they are “in the window”, which is the time to try and win a Superbowl.

For a team in that mindset of trying to win a Superbowl such as the Eagles, some things will go wrong. Though as fans we should be expecting a Superbowl, of course, we do every year but this is different. We can trick ourselves in believing a playoff appearance or a playoff win is good enough but it’s not. Of course, Wentz getting experience is key but this team should be better than the competition to give the QB weapons to pick apart every defense. The 2019 Eagles have to be held to the highest standards and of course, this is not going to be smooth sailing but they have enough talent to smooth the bumps over. Bringing back Brandon Graham on a relatively higher salary, the Eagles were willing to put more money in a player because they know that they would be losing a leader on defense. Especially on the defensive line that would be struggling without him.

Howie Roseman took this team out of cap hell and pushed back salaries because he knew that the team needed players to add to this team. The “window” of winning in football various from each year because the playoffs are one game. That’s all. So looking at this offense and defense there are a lot of aging players, declining players, and that being said, have limited time. We can’t accept a playoff win with Carson Wentz as a success, because there is no guarantee that Desean Jackson has the speed next year, or that Jason Peters can still hold on for another year. Which brings it back to the statement, the Eagles are Superbowl or bust.

It’s a very intimidating expectation considering the Philadelphia fanbase that has invested in many teams and watched them blow up. Though we can’t use the Buddy Ryan era, or the Andy Reid era as a guide to what a Doug Pederson team will do. No matter how hard it is, fans of the Eagles have to expect a Superbowl from this team and nothing else. It’s a crazy idea that 4 years into Doug Pederson’s coaching career that we are already expecting champions to be produced. Although when you have an elite QB, with an attacking offense, paired with a nose-hard defense, you get expectations.

It’s not just me believing in this team, a lot of people are giving this 2019 Eagles team expectations. Not all are Superbowl or bust high, but the majority of them are demanding a hell of a lot from this team. We won’t know how the Eagles respond to the expectations that fans and media are putting on them until the season concludes. The Eagles truly have an opportunity to bring two championships to Philadelphia in three years which sounds crazy but with the re-loading that occurred this off-season, it should be expected. Now, we are a month and so away from the season and a lot of things will start to happen (injuries, trades, and roster moves), though as it stands now, the Eagles should be a Super Bowl-winning team.