“Wentz” Did It Go Wrong?



For those who are unaware, the Philadelphia Eagles have lost to the Washington Football team. In rather embarrassing fashion might I add, squandering a 17-0 lead. Last year it was the Eagles who came out of the tunnel after halftime and rode hot handed DJAX to a eventual comeback of their own. This year, the Eagles came out hot, and lost all steam once Jack Driscoll was removed from the game.

The negatives of this game are abundant, and positives are few and far between, but, there are a few;

Jack Driscoll- The rookie tackle had a few hiccups, none resulting in anything catastrophic and all fixable mistakes. He’s a bright spot simply because once Mailatta was forced to replace him, the drop off was VERY evident. Overall, at this point Jack Driscoll is no Lane, true. I think more importantly we know he’ll be at worst servicable down the road, pending his injury diagnosis.

Defensive Line- Realistically Washington didn’t light us up offensively, Haskins took advantage of numerous short field situations. A product of our either a interception or failed 4th down conversion. The defense held up and players like Josh Sweat and Malik Jackson made some big plays, this is huge to see as they are key contributors going forward.

Wentz and DJAX are OK- As trivial as it sounds, we have to be happy two of our “projected” key contributors stood healthy. We have to assume they will move on to week 2 eager to erase the memory of the week 1 loss.

Rams are next….Let’s just say if this offensive line isn’t in tact by then, Aaron Donald may have a field day.


Introducing Zack Wheeler

Former Met Zack Wheeler pitches against his new team, the Phillies, at CBP last season

The Phillies have been busy this offseason. Their largest signing of the offseason has to be RHP Zack Wheeler, formly with the New York Mets. The Phils brought Wheeler in on a massive 5 year, $118 Million contract. This signing is a big deal in multiple ways. Pitching has been a weakspot for the Phils for the past couple of years. The last major arm the team brought in was Jake Arrieta, and that has not panned out they way it was planned. With that said, pitching was, and still is a big need for the Phillies, and this adresses it. This deal brings great importance too because we took Wheeler from a division rival. The Mets rotation has terrorized the Phillies in the past, so signing Wheeler is one less arm they need to worry about facing.

The hard throwing rights carries much potential. The 29 year old has a 10.2 Career WAR, with 4.1 coming from last season alone. He has a 44-38 career record, going 11-8 in 31 starts last year. Yes that is slightly low for his deal, but he was on the Mets, can we really blame him? Wheeler has a 3.77 career ERA, coming in with a 3.96 ERA last year, which is quite high, but then again, we signed him for his potential. Wheeler’s fastball hits 97 MPH consistantly, along with a 91 MPH slider, a changeup, and a curve. His vast pitch arsenal is something the Phillies need in a starter. He earned his contract in the 2nd half of the year. In the second half, Wheeler posted a 2.83 ERA, only giving up 78 hits, and 24 earned runs in 12 starts. In 76.1 innings of 2nd half work, Wheeler struck out 65 batters, while only walking 16. Wheeler went 5-2 to end the year.

New Phillies Pitcher is introduced to the Media at Citizens Bank Park
Is featured shaing GM Matt Klentak’s hand

With all being said and done, the signing of Wheeler for the amount the Phillies gave him is a risk reward type situation. Though he comes in with numbers not worth $118 Million, he has been a great finisher in the past, which is what the Phillies need. Wheeler is a pitcher who has been great in the 2nd half of the year, and could help lead a late season playoff push, which for that reason alone, justifies the signing to me.

Will Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper Finally be on the same team?

All the news around the baseball media has gone crazy in the past week. The Mookie Betts trade with the Twins and Dodgers was crazy. Although that trade might not go through because the twins opted out because one guy didn’t have a physical.

Anyways Kris Bryant is now the new talk, now that Betts has been “traded.” There are many teams pursuing Bryant as of now. The main ones are the Phillies, Nationals, and Yankees. The Mets are also in there but these are the main three as of now.

Kris Bryant is likely to trade to a team. Per Jon Heyman, he thought right after Betts was traded Bryant would be traded either that night or the next. Now though, sources are saying the cubs are going to keep Bryant until the trade deadline.

To me this shows how cocky the Cubs management team can be. They think the have the best player, just because everyone wants him. But Arenado is still out there looking to be traded. There are two hot 3B.

Personally, as a Phillies fan I think we need one to make the playoffs. I’d give up Bohm because he really can’t field he can only hit. So if we give up Bohm, Segura, and a bit of cash we are golden.

I say this because Josh Harrison can take over at 2nd, who I think is a better 2nd basemen than segura. Then At 3B we can have Bryant there to make our hitting and feilding just that much better.

This could be a reunion for the century here if Bryant and Harper reunite. Harper and Bryant have played ball together since they were kids! Now they both kept moving to the next level and now they are in the majors.

Let’s hope they reunite!

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Phillies Ace? Nola or Wheeler?

As we all know by now Aaron Nola has been the Ace of the Phillies for many seasons now. Nola had a better than average season especially for being a philles pitcher. He had a WAR of 3.9, W/L was 12/7, and his ERA was 3.87. Now do not get me wrong this is a pretty good season as a pitcher. His first game in the 2019 season he popped off! But after the Phillies sign Wheeler to a 5 year deal will Nola still be the ace?

Wheeler had a season about the same as Nola. Although according to stats Nola did better. Just barley though. He had a WAR of 4.1, W/L 11/8, and an ERA of 3.96. Overall Wheeler had a pretty good season. Will he be the new ace of the Phillies though is the question?

I think this is the year Nola gets his rest. I think Nola will still have a good season, but man Wheeler I think will have an outstanding season. If I had to say it now, which I am, Wheeler is going to win NL Cy young or become one of the top contenders. Thats my Very BOLD prediction for the Phillies 2020 mlb season! And Remember its a great day to be a Phillies phan!

If it came down to me picking who the ace will be I’m going to go with Wheeler. Hold up let me explain. I think it will be Wheeler because he want to be the best he can on his new team, the Phillies. He wants them to grow on him like they grew on Nola. I also think this because now that Nola knows he has a reliable pitcher by his side he can not take all the blame and stress. the stress and blame can be shared by both of them now by wanting to be the best.

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Who do you think will be the better pitcher/Ace for the Phillies in 2020? Comment below!