Suns-Sixers Mock Trade Surfaces from Bleacher Report

Recently, a Bleacher Report writer released a Sixers-Suns mock trade that will certainly raise some eyebrows. Th trade was a very simple swap, where the Sixers receive Devin Booker and the Suns receive Ben Simmons. Now, there has been no rumor of this happening, it was just a mock trade, so nothing is definite. However, if Elton Brand was looking to move Simmons and build around Embiid, this trade would certainly be beneficial for both sides.

Sixers Benefit/Losses

The Sixers can benefit in a lot of ways in this trade. One, the pick-and-roll between Embiid and Booker would be unstoppable. Booker and Embiid would be a fantastic duo and flourish together. Booker is a fantastic shooter, and can creat shots at will. Although Simmons is a much better facilitator, Booker can still playmake and lead an offense. The loss of facilitating is devasting, but Shake Milton could pick up some slack as the point guard. If Elton wanted to try and build around Booker and Embiid, that would be awesome. However, I would like to see Simmons and Embiid work under new head coach Doc Rivers before any change is made in the roster. If they are still unable to coexist under Rivers, then we need to push for a trade and this would be a great option.

Suns Benefit/Losses

The Suns took a devastating loss to the Portland Blazers in a play in game to make the playoffs after going 8-0 in the bubble a couple weeks ago, and looked like a really promising team under Monty Williams. However, if Booker did request a trade or the Suns decided they wanted to move him, I feel like aquiring Ben Simmons in return would work out great. The Suns get a top defender and facilitator in Simmons, and Simmons would be great with Deandre Ayton down low. Ricky Rubio would most likely be moved to the bench, and Simmons could either start as a PF or PG with them. They do however lose shooting spark in Booker, but could make it up with good facilitating all-around.

All in all, I really wouldn’t be apposed to a Devin Booker and Ben Simmons swap, and if I was a Suns fan, I wouldn’t be either. Thank you for reading!


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