Grading the Last 3 Eagles Drafts

The Eagles are notorious for drafting poorly. Whether it be the lack of scouting, lack of good decision making, or a mixture of the two, it seems as if the Eagles can never have a solid draft class. And in a league that is constantly getting an influx of young talent, drafts are telling for the future of any team. This is especially true for a veteran (and injury plagued) team like the Eagles. That being said, let’s take a look at the Eagles’ significant draft choices.

2019 Draft: A few hits?

Round 1: OT Andre Dillard Grade: A-

Dillard was not a flashy pick at the time, but was surely the correct one. With an aging Peters and a constant need to protect Wentz, Dillard was a sturdy selection and should contribute to the Eagles this coming season.

Round 2: RB Miles Sanders Grade: A

Sanders was an absolute stud this past season. After an unfortunate injury to Jordan Howard, the Eagles looked to be in trouble in terms of running the ball. Sanders not only assumed this role, he solidified for years to come. Just to put his superb play into perspective, he ranked 13th in scrimmage yards among all RBs. This is especially impressive given his limited play time for more than half the year. The future is bright with Sanders.

Round 2: WR JJ Arcega Whiteside Grade: D+

He’s not a bust. Not after one year of play. But if his performance last year is similar to that of next year? He’s a bust. Even after our receivers got absolutely decimated with injuries, JJAW was unable to step up and make any real difference. All hope isn’t lost in Whiteside, but I fear Philly has made him lose all hope in himself.

Round 4: DE Shareef Miller Grade: C-

Round 5: QB Clayton Thorson Grade: F

Why in the world did the Eagles take Thorson here? Regardless of the answer to that question, Thorson was absolutely abysmal in his short lived career in Philly. He was unable to make the practice squad as a 5th round pick. I’m going to say that again just to attempt to fathom the stupidity involved in this pick. He was unable to to make the practice squad as a 5th round pick.

2018 Draft

Round 2: Dallas Goedert Grade: A

Dallas Goedert is a top ten TE as a 2nd stringer behind a top 3 TE. That is an extremely difficult task to accomplish, but Goedert has done it. He came on strong at the end of last year and gave Eagles fans glimpses of how dangerous a 2 TE set with Goedert and Ertz could be. I, along with the rest of you guys, am extremely excited to see what the future holds for Goedert.

Round 4: Avonte Maddox Grade: B-

Maddox has performed decently well for a guy who was selected in the 4th round, but has never been more than just another body in the young mess that is the Eagles’ secondary. Maybe a move to safety would help his game? Regardless, this wasn’t a bad pick by any means.

Round 4: Josh Sweat Grade: B

Josh Sweat has been constantly shadowed by Graham, Barnett and Curry throughout the entirety of his career. Although he hasn’t done much in the regular season, I’m giving him a B because when asked to perform, he has. A breakout year for Sweat is pending.

Round 6: Matt Pryor Grade: B-

Pryor was never expected to be a starting offensive lineman in this league. He’s supposed to be a guy who is versatile and can get the job done when someone goes down. That’s exactly what he did last year when Brooks got hurt. He’s another quality offensive lineman. Never hurts to have another one of those.

2017 Draft: Substandard

Round 1: Derek Barnett Grade: C-

If not for a fumble recovery in the Super Bowl, Barnett would be getting bashed by Eagles fans. He’s not been durable and has not performed to the standards of someone who was picked at 14. Barnett is someone who I believe that Eagles should shop around and see what the value is for him.

Round 2: Sidney Jones Grade: C-

Sidney Jones has been an interesting corner to evaluate. One game he’s making the game winning deflection, and another he’s letting every WR burn him deep. In many ways he has epitomized the Eagles’ CBs. I haven’t seen enough out of him to give anything higher than a C-. He’s just another body in the Eagles’ secondary.

Round 2: Rasul Douglas Grade: C+

Douglas is very similar to Jones. He has his ups and downs, but has been a lackluster selection. In the 2nd round, you look to find a CB1 or CB2, and Rasul has been that, but only because of injuries. On many other rosters he would not be that high on the depth chart. He’s an interesting one though, and I would not be surprised if he improves his play.

Round 4: Mack Hollins Grade: D+

I guess he was good on Special Teams right? That’s really about it. Aside from one quality touchdown dance against the Redskins on Monday Night Football, he was a very poor receiver when in Philly.

Round 4: Donnell Pumphrey Grade: D-

AKA a worse version of Boston Scott. Pumphrey could never really put it together in the NFL and his short, light frame did not bode well for him in the NFL. Maybe he’ll do well in the XFL?

The Rundown

A’s: 3

B’s: 3

C’s: 4

D’s: 3

F’s: 1


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