Jimmy Butler Opens Up

Today, JJ Redick had a new episode of his podcast, “The JJ Redick Podcast”, published, and his main guest was former teammate, Jimmy Butler. He finally opened up on what the problems were in Philadelphia last season, and why he left.

Jimmy Butler’s main problem was that he “didn’t know who was in charge.” He also didn’t know who to talk to to get things fixed or changed. There were also problems in the film room where no one would say anything to fix the problems on the court. Since no one would say anything, he would bring the problems to Coach Brown. He tried to be the leader on the team to change the offense, and it didn’t work until the very end of the season. He said that he wanted to split who brings the ball up the court with Ben Simmons so it isn’t predictable, and Brett Brown never fully listened. He had Butler as the main ball handler vs Toronto in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, and that’s why Ben Simmons was frustrated. 

Once Kawhi hit the shot we will never forget in game 7, Jimmy Butler thought, “Will we be able to run it back next year?”, and he found out the hard way. He heard that the only way the Sixers would take him back is if they could “control him”, meaning control his attitude and temper, and Jimmy was not happy about that. He said “that fact that you’re trying to control a grown man, naw I’m cool.” He found out that Miami would treat him right, and will work everyday to be the best they can be.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not surprised. I still see this problem this year, and that’s because they don’t have a “true leader” in my opinion as the coach. Also, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are still very young, and may not have the right mindset to be a leader. I think this will be a problem later on in the future, unless they get a strong minded coach who can put people in their place. In my eyes, I just don’t think Brett Brown knows what he is doing, and this Jimmy Butler interview showed that.


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