What Will The 76ers Do With Al Horford?

During the 2019 off-season the 76ers signed former all-star center Al Horford to a four year $109 million contract. When this deal was made it was an automatic head scratcher, Horford now 33 will be 37 when his contract is over. Over the past few years in the playoffs Horford has been known for being able to slow Joel Embiid down, Which is why I believe they signed him.

This season Horford has been averaging 12 points on .442% and .337% from behind the arc. Horford who has been known as a stretch big who plays good defense has been struggling on both ends.

A player who has been trade talks recently is Buddy Hield of the Sacramento Kings. The Sixers need shooting and Buddy Hield would fill that hole. If the Sixers trade for Hield that would move everyone to their natural position. I feel that if this deal is made this could move us to champion contenders.


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