The Philadelphia 76ers, Where are they when you need them the most?

What once was a team full of lost hope , terrible seasons and a disconnected fanbase was rebuilt into what on paper should be one of the leagues best teams , however it’s a new year but the same problem in Philadelphia remains. That problem being what a Philadelphia team can do when it matters the most. No disrespect granted the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles miracle SUPERBOWL run , but outside of that it’s been quite a while. This 76ers Team reminds me quite a lot of The Dallas Cowboys ,a SUPERBOWL contender on paper but on game day and high pressure moments folds like a lawn chair after a picnic. The 76ers post season misery continued as they were swept last week in the First Round of the NBA Playoffs by The Boston Celtics. Granted this 76ers team was without the likes of Ben Simmons, with or without they most likely were not winning anyway. But the team never seemed to gel at all, all series. You would figure they could squeeze one by these Boston Celtics but no the 76ers laid down and gave Boston the floor for four games. And if anyone is to blame the 76ers want Brett Brown long gone .Brown still has 2 years left on his coaching contract, but after 400 million dollars spent in the offseason and a team geared for playoff success the 76ers never made it to a conference final under Brett Brown.This major blow of a first round sweep was a wake up call not only for 76ers fans but The front office as well . As of this writing, the 76ers have parted ways with Head coach Brett Brown. They will now have the task of finding a new head coach prior to next season, A hopeful Tobias Harris looked like he saw ghosts never connecting with his jump shot like he did in L.A. The 76ers remind me a lot of a brand new car being recalled by the company. It has a lot of nice features but problems that can’t be explained. An All Star roster with no chemistry. But after all these 76ers fans are expected to “Trust The Process” but is this really a process that’s trustworthy?


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