So as we waited 8 Months for Eagles Football this team will look way different than they did in past years. But one thing that’s the same about this season is that week 1 we play none other than Washington . So I’m gonna give you three reasons why the Eagles will come out of week 1 Victorious.

#1 Washington lack of weapons on offense

This Washington team has a great defense but on offense I’m not so sure. With a year 2 QB in Dwyane Haskins we don’t know how good he will be, if he is even gonna be good at all. They have a good WR in Terry Mclaurin but that’s about it. Their number 2 receiver steven sims has not been all that good. Their RB1 J.D Mckissick has been a journey men for his whole career, barely making rosters and being in practice squads. Now all of a sudden he is the number 1 running back in washington. The lack of weapons on offense for washington should benefit the eagles and should be a big reason the eagles will win week 1.

#2 Offensive line

In the 2018 off-season a report came out saying that Trent williams was unhappy in washington and wanted to leave. Well sure enough in the 2020 off season he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers. So losing their best offensive linemen doesn’t help that your o line isn’t that good already and it just got worst. Their best offensive linemen is Brandon Scherff an that’s about it. Their second best offensive linemen is an very old donald penn who is no longer in his prime. And with the eagles having one of the best defensive lines in the league featuring Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, and the newly added Javon Hargrave this could be a nightmare for Dwyane Haskins.

#3 New Coaching

Now if you watch Football you know how first year coaches are never successful. Ron Rivera is a good coach but this is his first year and his roster is not that talented to begin with. His first year will be even harder because of the lack of preseason and minicamp or OTA’s. So he has to adjust to a new team with limited off-season workouts and he has to deal with a second year Quarter back who needs to have a good year and in order for him to do that coaching had to help. Ron Rivera has a tuff task in his first year but who knows maybe he can be like Green Bay Packers Coach Matt Lefluer and be successful in his very first year but only time will tell .


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